Tartan Marketplace Lower Plaza Entrance Closes May 7

On Tuesday May 7, 2013, Double Jay Construction will begin work on the concrete and pavers at the Tartan Market East entrance, the Freedom Shrine North entrance.

The Tartan Market Entrance and the Freedom Shrine entrance from the lower plaza on the East side of Building 7 will be closed for approximately 100 days. Emergency egress will be maintained at these locations, but general access inside the designated work area will remain restricted. Signs will be strategically placed at the top of the ramp routing pedestrians to the North door of Building 1, Floor 1 for Library access or the East door of the Building 7, Floor 1 for the Library or Tartan Market. This project will include the installation of an enhanced drainage system for the lower plaza entrance area.

In addition, concrete and paver work will also occur at the Building 20 West entrance. Access to Building 20 West entrance will be maintained at all times.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Facilities Planning & Construction at 512-2038.