Admissions, Athletics & ARCs Team Up

On November 19, 2010, the Admissions Office, in collaboration with the ARC, held a group visit for 40 elementary students ranging in ages from 7-10 years old. The students were from area after school programs with the Wesley Community Center and the Community Action Partners organization.

The visit consisted of 40 minutes worth of physical activities in conjunction with the Men’s Baseball and Basketball teams, which was coordinated by Coach Dintaman and Coach Price. Each student went through six stations ranging from batting, dribbling, soccer, passing, throwing and running.

“Our athletes had a great time,” shared Coach Dintaman.

After the physical activities concluded, Admissions Counselor Ted Sampson talked to the students about what they want to be when they grow up and how Sinclair can help they reach for those goals. The overall message for the students was that college can be fun and is within their reach at Sinclair. At the end of the day, the students received backpacks and pens, compliments of the Admissions Office.

“We want students to think about college much sooner, and events like this lead us toward that goal,” said Michael Carter, Interim Senior VP for Student Services and Marketing.

Students said that Sinclair is “cool,” and many of them walked away tired, but pleased with the visit. Some even indicated that they want to come to Sinclair when they get older.

“It was so fun to talk with the kids, and watch them have an amazing time with the Sinclair athletes,” Rena Peake, facilitator for the Office of College Readiness Centers.

"I am so thankful that all of the departments worked together to create this experience for our community youth," said Dani Stoll, director of Admissions. "Good work to all!"