SinclairOnline Awards
2012 ITC Award

ITC 2012 Award for Outstanding Student Services

Sinclair Community College has been chosen to receive the 2012 Award for Outstanding Student Services from the Instructional Technology Council (ITC). This award is presented every year to an organization that has built a solid reputation for outstanding service for their online students—on campus and off campus. Sinclair has proven that their services are replicable and innovative. Winners are held to the high best-practice standards exemplified by previous ITC award winners.

2011 Bellwether Award

Bellwether Award for Pioneering Online Sciences Labs
2011, Instructional Programs and Services Category

The Bellwether Awards recognize outstanding, trend-setting programs and practices that are successfully leading community colleges into the future. Applications for the awards are competitively peer reviewed by a panel of judges that selects 10 finalists to present at the Community College Futures Assembly. At the Assembly, each finalist college gives a presentation, which is judged according to how well it addresses need, results, strategy and capacity. In addition, the program is measured on its sustainability and its impact on the workforce of 2020.

2011 eLearning Award

Outstanding eLearning Program
2011, Instructional Technology Council.

Every year ITC asks its members to nominate an exemplary eLearning program that has demonstrated leadership and replicable innovation in several areas: ensuring quality instruction, excellent course and degree development, instituting effective retention strategies, promotion, providing appropriate student services, and outstanding faculty professional development.

ITC provides leadership, information and resources to expand and enhance distance learning through the effective use of technology. An affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges established in 1977, ITC represents higher education institutions in the United States and Canada and is a leader in advancing distance education.

Skeletal PAL

Third Place, eTech Mobile Apps Development Contest
Distance Learning, Skeletal Pal promo

The contest was searching for new mobile applications (apps) that showcase the talents and creativity of Ohioans and highlights what is unique to Ohio. eTech Ohio encourages mobile application developers, both new and experienced, to produce apps that will increase awareness and usage of mobile apps in Ohio. The purpose of this contest was to increase awareness, interest, and knowledge of mobile applications development in Ohio and to increase usage of educational mobile applications in Ohio.

Skeletal PAL is a mobile application directed toward the study of human anatomy. PAL features a series of inter-linking puzzles that match bone images to teach skeletal structures and their correlating articulations in the human body.

Download Skeletal PAL for Android on the Android Marketplace.