International Education Committee

Committee Objectives

  • Develop international programming for the campus and local communities
  • Internationalize the curriculum
  • Develop opportunities for faculty and staff to share expertise abroad
  • Create a process for quality student to study abroad
  • Actively seek out and develop grant opportunities

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2010 Global Initiatives Plan

Beginning in fall 2010, Sinclair is looking at a comlete re-visioning of our international education activities.  Here is the first draft of the plan:

It is around these themes that the Global Initiatives Plan should be organized.


1.      International Students and their Recruitment

2.      Internationalizing the curriculum

3.      Study Abroad and Service Learning opportunities

4.      Professional Development for Employees

5.      Economic Development and Business Relationships

6.      Institutional Global Engagement

a.      Hosting events and visitors

b.      Relationship with the local community

c.      Cultural events /festivals


The Global Initiatives Plan should include a section on business planning that incorporates potential funding sources.  Revenue to support global initiatives could be derived from such sources as:

·        International student tuition

·        The sale of workforce development training programs abroad

·        Fundraising

·        Alumni travel programs



Global Initiatives Planning Task Force

Membership on the Global Education Planning Committee will be open to interested parties from throughout the college.  The Task Force will include representation of faculty from each division, Marketing, Workforce Development, and other key areas.  A selection process is being developed.


Potential Tasks for the Task Force:

·        Define the global curriculum at Sinclair Community College.

·        Define for Sinclair Community College its definition of “global competencies” for both students and for the faculty and staff.

·        Ensure that the above fits within Sinclair’s Strategy Window.

·        Engage the college Marketing Department and Workforce Development and Corporate Services divisions.

·        Determine the financial implications for all the above.

·        Map relationships of the college to other community organizations, such as the Dayton Council on World Affairs, Wright-Patterson AFB, Sister Cities, etc.