What is the Post-Secondary Enrollment Program?
  • The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO) allows Ohio high school students to earn college credit and/or high school graduation credit through the successful completion of non-sectarian college-level courses. Tuition and books are funded for eligible students by the high school’s state foundation and paid directly to the college.
  • The purpose of the program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and expose students to options beyond the high school classroom.
  • The PSEO Program is open to eligible 9th through 12th grade students enrolled through the state’s public, community and nonpublic high schools.
  • Student must availability in the student’s high school schedule to be accepted into the PSEO Program at Sinclair Community College.
  • Students must also test into college level through Sinclair’s Accuplacer placement testing, or provide equivalent ACT scores, to determine final eligibility for the PSEO Program.

What are Sinclair's student expectations?
PSEO students are expected and required to perform at the same level as regular Sinclair Community College students and:
  • Attend all classes on time.
  • Respect the rights of others to contribute by listening attentively.
  • Show consideration for students, instructors and other college employees.Participate appropriately and actively on topics presented in class.
  • Complete assignments on time.
  • Ask for feedback from instructors and peers to ensure progress toward learning objectives.
  • Resolve problems by immediately discussing issues with instructors and/or peers.
Please Note: A student’s parent/guardian may not have complete access to a student’s Sinclair information due to FERPA, the Federal Education Rights Privacy Act.

Important PSEO Application Deadlines
  • February/March: Mandatory high school PSEO information sessions for the next academic year.
  • March 30: ODE “Intent to Participate” due to high school.
  • April 15: PSEO applications due to Sinclair for Fall and Spring Semesters of the next academic year. (Any application received after April 15 requires written permission from the distinct superintendent.)
  • May 1: Accuplacer testing and/or ACT score submissions must be completed for Fall and Spring semesters.
  • November 1: New PSEO Program applications due to Sinclair for Spring Semester ONLY enrollment and will not be accepted after this date.

How do I apply?
  • PSEO applications may be obtained through a student’s high school guidance counseling office prior to the academic year they wish to enter and must be received by April 15 for the following academic year.
  • All students must submit a current year’s PSEO application each academic year. Students continuing in the PSEO Program must re-apply each year.
  • There is no application fee required for PSEO students at Sinclair Community College.
  • Fall and Spring semesters PSEO Program applications are due to Sinclair’s PSEO office by April 15.
  • New PSEO application submissions, for Spring semester only, must be received by November 1.
  • The student’s GPA, high school schedule, course restrictions, and other information must be completed by the high school guidance counselor by the deadlines indicated.
  • Signatures from the applicant, parent/guardian and high school counselor are also required.
  • All interested PSEO students must attend a required information session at their high school. (PSEO informational meetings typically take place at the student’s high school in February or March.)
  • The high school guidance office is required to provide counseling to students and parents to inform them of the possible risks and consequences of taking part in the PSEO Program.
  • An “Intent to Participate” form is also required by the high school and due at the ODE office by March 30.
  • All applications received after April 15 will require a district superintendent’s written permission to accompany the application.
  • Applications received without a social security number and outdated applications will not be processed.
  • State-approved “non-public” (08) schools must follow all ODE guidelines, policies, and deadlines.

What about program expenses in the PSEO program?
  • The student may choose to have all expenses covered and will not be required to pay for tuition, books, or fees for classes they successfully complete through the PSEO Program. (State Option “B”)
  • Personal materials are not covered by the PSEO Program such as: optional books, computer software, uniforms, calculators, tools, etc.
  • Non-eligible and restricted courses, including courses the student did not attain a 3.0 in the same subject area or equivalent at the high school, are not funded by the PSEO Program.
  • Courses that are not completed must be repaid to the high school or local school district for all course expenses incurred, including tuition and supplies.
  • Transportation and parking expenses are not covered by the PSEO Program.

How do I test for Sinclair's PSEO program?
  • After a student’s PSEO Program application is received from their high school counselor and approved, a “PSEO Test Pass” will be mailed to the student.
  • PSEO students must test byMay 1 for Fall Semester registration.
  • ACT and Accuplacer scores may be combined to determine eligibility to the PSEO program. A copy of ACT scores may also be faxed to the PSEO office from the official website to be considered.
  • Students must take Accuplacer college placement tests in reading, writing/sentence skills, and math* to determine eligibility. They must test into college level in writing and reading to be accepted in the PSEO Program. (*Math testing is required once, but optional a second time if math courses will not be taken.)
  • Students submitting ACT scores must submit them by May 1.
  • Students can only attempt Accuplacer testing at Sinclair twice in a program year. There is a charge for the second test (s).
  • Scores from the student’s last testing date are always used to determine eligibility.
  • Academic Foundations (ACA), formerly Developmental (DEV), courses do not qualify a student for PSEO eligibility.
  • If a student has individualized (IEP) or specialized English language needs and will require assistance with testing, Sinclair’s Educational Support Services department must be contacted PRIOR to testing at Sinclair, (937) 512-5113.

How am I notified of my eligibility in the PSEO program?
  • A PSEO Program Welcome packet, including the student’s program acceptance letter, is sent to all eligible students after testing into the program.
  • Detailed information on all PSEO Program deadlines, policies, and procedures will be included in the student’s acceptance packet.
  • Students who need to retest to become eligible or who are considered ineligible for the PSEO Program are sent a letter stating their eligibility needs.
  • A copy of the student’s eligibility letter is also sent to the high school counselor.
  • Any change in a student’s status or schedule at the high school requires written notification by the high school to the PSEO Program office. (An email or fax is acceptable.)

What courses can I take and how many semester credit hours can I take?
  • Course and credit hour availability is based on information provided by the high school counselor on the student’s Sinclair PSEO Program application and is outlined in detail on the student’s PSEO Program acceptance letter.
  • Sinclair credit hours are determined by the amount of hours a student will not be in attendance at the high school. (Or the amount of hours allowed by the ODE in the case of a non-public approved high school.)
  • To better plan, please consider selecting your courses from the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) http://www.sinclair.edu/transfer/gened/module/ and/ or from the Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) http://www.sinclair.edu/transfer/tags/#tags
  • Allowable credit hours can be used as the student wishes throughout that academic year.
  • Courses may normally be taken at any Sinclair Community College location at any time that is available.
  • Short-term and mini-term courses may also be taken through the PSEO Program.
  • Students may only take online (distance learning) courses after their first semester and should be counseled by the high school counselor, along with their parents, on the advantages and disadvantages of this option.
  • Students are responsible for consulting with their high school counselor to determine what courses are needed to meet high school graduation requirements. All courses needed for high school graduation credit MUST be completed by the end of Fall semester.
  • Academic advising is available, and recommended, to all Sinclair Community College students. The PSEO Program office does not counsel students on course selections or scheduling.
  • Students must register for all courses within each semester's PSEO Program deadlines.
  • A copy of each semester's schedule and the student’s end-of-semester grades are always reported to the high school counselor.

What if I do not complete a PSEO course?
  • Sinclair courses that are dropped late, or with a grade of “W”, will be charged to the student by their high school and/or local school district, including book and supply purchases.
  • Sinclair courses that are not completed, with a grade of “I/Z/F” (incomplete, non-attendance, failed), will be charged to the student by their high school and/or local school district, including book and supply purchases.
  • Students placed on AI (Academic Intervention) or PR (Probation) due to a low GPA at Sinclair Community College will be removed from the PSEO Program.

What courses are not permitted?
  • Some Sinclair courses are restricted for PSEO students, including most PE (physical education), all DEV, some art, religion and aviation. A complete list of restricted courses are included in the student’s PSEO Program Welcome packet.
  • Students may choose to pay for restricted courses and books not covered by PSEO funding.
  • Courses may not be retaken through the PSEO Program for an increased grade.
  • Summer courses are not funded by the PSEO Program.
  • High school students may also take classes through Sinclair’s ACE/Advanced College Entry program. These courses would be self-paid and must be approved by an ACE/Pre-College Programs advisor at (937) 512-2495.

What if I have to take classes for other programs in addition to PSEO?
  • If you are participating in other programs affiliated with Sinclair Community College and your high school, you must indicate the additional program on your PSEO application. (i.e.: Tech Prep, Quick Start, Dual Credit Enrollment)
  • You, or your high school counselor, are required to notify the PSEO office of any courses that will be funded by other programs and not through PSEO by the end of the first week of classes.
  • What if I change my mind and decide not to participate or decide to attend PSEO at another college? You are not required to participate if you fill out a Sinclair PSEO application.
  • All PSEO deadlines for testing, registration and New Student Orientation still apply.
  • It is better to apply early if you think you may be interested in the program. Late applications may not be accepted.

Are the deadlines for PSEO the same as the rest of Sinclair?
  • No, PSEO deadlines are often different and take precedence over regular Sinclair deadlines.
  • Deadlines for individual semesters are established and mailed to all eligible PSEO students prior to each semester.
  • PSEO deadlines for registration, dropping or adding classes are always earlier than Sinclair deadlines to allow for completion of the PSEO funding process.
  • Book and supply purchases made with PSEO funding must be done within a specific timeframe and cash purchases for books will NOT be reimbursed.

Who can answer more PSEO questions?
  • After it is determined you are eligible to the PSEO Program at Sinclair through college placement testing, you will be sent information on: attending a PSEO Mandatory Orientation, logging on to your new Sinclair email account, registering for courses, acquiring a student ID card, verifying PSEO funding, purchasing and returning books, etc.
  • Students must keep all information regarding program policies and procedures received from the PSEO Program office and refer to it when necessary.
  • Your district and/or high school may have additional criteria that need to be followed. Please check with your high school guidance counselor and/or principal.
  • Additional questions can be answered by contacting Sinclair’s PSEO Program office at (937) 512-2461.