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Developed in 1991, YSP was designed to recruit eighth grade, first generation minority students within Montgomery County. YSP has changed with the times to provide a quality education program that enables students to compete academically and professionally. In 1999, YSP was expanded to include enrollment opportunities for all students whose parents have not completed a college degree. The program is funded annually by the Sinclair Foundation and private support.

YSP offers twelve, 4-hour Saturday workshops to coincide with educational themes for each grade level. The educational themes are as follows:

  • Eighth grade - Personal and Academic Development
  • Ninth grade - Academic Development
  • Tenth grade - Ohio Graduation Test Preparation
  • Eleventh grade - Career Exploration, Leadership Development, and Academics
  • Twelfth grade - College Enrollment Preparation and Academics

Other activities include, field trips, community service opportunities and leadership development programs to strengthen the development of scholars.

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