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Agricultural Sciences AGR.S.AAS

Associate of Applied Science - 62 Credit Hours

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Agriculture
Effective as of Fall 2019

What is the program about?

The Agricultural Sciences Program offers competency in specialized skill areas such as Unmanned Aerial System Precision Agriculture, Alternate and Renewable Energy Sources, and Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. Graduates of an Agricultural Sciences Program will contribute to filling the current and growing need within the state of Ohio for educated Agricultural personnel. External certificates that will be offered to students within the curriculum include; OSHA Basic Safety in the Workplace, OSHA, Agricultural Safety, HAZWOPER, Pork Quality Assurance, Beef Quality Assurance, ServSafe, +/- Bovine Artificial Insemination. This degree program contains one or more embedded certificates which will be automatically awarded when the certificate requirements are completed. If you do not want to receive the embedded certificate(s), please notify Registration and Student Records at

Program Outcomes

  • Identify ethical business practices and display appropriate professional behavior.
  • Identify, characterize, and classify soil profiles and analyze the relationships between soil and the many potential uses of soil while developing the best crop production methods.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of applying UAS and Remote Sensing technologies to/for agricultural needs.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities associated with agricultural sciences and apply that knowledge to industry.
  • Apply economic principles to understand agricultural activity in the U.S.

Career Opportunities

The associate degree program in Agricultural Sciences prepares competent entry-level Agricultural personnel with additional potential expertise in the following added areas: Agribusiness, Large Animal Sciences, Horticulture, Diesel Mechanics, and Precision Agriculture in UAS. The agricultural sciences are an important part of our past as well as our future, and educated personnel are more in-demand as safer, more specialized workers.


  • DEV 0035 AND MAT 0200


No licensure is needed.


Course Title Credits
ACC 1100 (Small Business Accounting) OR ACC 1210 (Introduction to Financial Accounting) 3
AGR 1160 Introduction to Agriculture Science 1
AGR 1400 Agriculture Internship 2
AVT 1101 Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems 2
AVT 1104 UAS Standards, Regulations & Law 1
AVT 1112 UAS Precision Agriculture 2
BIS 1120 Introduction to Software Applications 3
BIS 1400 Customer Service 3
BTN 1110 Biotechnology & Bioethics 3
COM 2206 (Interpersonal Communication) OR COM 2211 (Effective Public Speaking) OR COM 2225 (Small Group Communication) 3
EGV 1101 Alternate & Renewable Energy Sources 3
ENG 1101 English Composition I 3
FST 1555 Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 3
MAN 1107 Foundations of Business 3
MAN 2150 Management & Organizational Behavior 3
MRK 2100 Foundations of Marketing 3
MRK 2135 Digital Marketing 3
Ohio Transfer 36: Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective 3
Ohio Transfer 36: Arts & Humanities Elective OR Ohio Transfer 36: Natural & Physical Sciences Elective 3
AGR 1300 (Agronomy) OR AGR 1110 (Introduction to Large Animal Sciences: Handling & Husbandry) 3
LAW 1101 (Business Law) AND AGR 1200 (Agricultural Economics) OR AGR 1111 (Principles of Large Animal Reproduction) AND AGR 1112 (Principles of Large Animal Nutrition) 6
MAT 1120 (Business Mathematics) OR Ohio Transfer 36: Mathematics Elective 3
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