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Firefighter EMT FST.S.ATS

Associate of Technical Studies - 61 Credit Hours

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Fire Science Technology
Effective as of Fall 2021

What is the program about?

The Associate of Technical Study degree includes training by the Ohio Division of Emergency Medical Services (state accrediting body) for Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and the option of including Fire Inspector and HAZWOPER Technician. Sinclair College complies with all requirements as outlined by the Ohio Division of Emergency Services. Successful students will be eligible to sit for state certification testing and become licensed/certified Firefighter I, Firefighter II, EMT, Fire Inspector and HAZWOPER Technician. Note: This program requires an approved ATS application. Please contact if interested. This degree program contains one or more embedded certificates which will be automatically awarded when the certificate requirements are completed. If you do not want to receive the embedded certificate(s), please notify Registration and Student Records at

Program Outcomes

  • Credential Firefighters in Several Areas
  • Ohio Division of Emergency Medical Services and Pro Board Firefighter I
  • National Registry and Ohio Division of Emergency Medical Services Emergency Medical Technician
  • Ohio Division of Emergency Medical Services and Pro Board Firefighter II

Career Opportunities

Students completing this program will find career opportunities in fire departments, private ambulance services, hospitals, inspection companies, and fire or emergency medical services contractor.


Course Title Credits
BIO 1121 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 3
BIO 1222 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 3
BIS 1120 Introduction to Software Applications 3
COM 2211 Effective Public Speaking 3
EMS 1150 Emergency Medical Technician: Lecture 5
EMS 1155 Laboratory for Emergency Medical Technician 2
ENG 1101 English Composition I 3
FST 1120 Fire Safety Inspector 4
FST 1125 Fire Investigation I 3
FST 1403 Live Fire Instructor 2
FST 1442 Emergency Vehicle Operator 1
FST 2209 Fire Service Instructor 4
FST 2251 Fire Officer I 3
FST 2270 Fire Science Internship 2
FST 1102 (Firefighter I ) AND FST 1103 (Firefighter II Transition ) OR FST 1104 (Firefighter II ) 11
HUM 1135 (Environmental Ethics) OR Ohio Transfer 36: Arts & Humanities Elective 3
PSY 1100 (General Psychology) OR Ohio Transfer 36: Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective 3
MAT 1120 (Business Mathematics) OR Ohio Transfer 36: Mathematics ElectiveOhio Transfer 36: Mathematics Elective OR MAT 1130 (Mathematics in Health Sciences) 3
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This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances.