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Healthcare Simulation Technology HST.S.AAS

Associate of Applied Science - 60 - 61 Credit Hours

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Allied Health
Effective as of Fall 2018

What is the program about?

The Associate of Applied Science degree program in Healthcare Simulation Technology prepares the students to assist in the development and delivery of healthcare simulation, coordinate and manage simulation exercises, serve as a resource for utilizing simulation, and collaborate in the maintenance and repair of simulation equipment. A grade of "C" or better is required in all courses. Note: For students under age 18 there may be restrictions on participating in certain Health Sciences programs. Any student under age 18 must contact the program director/department chair to discuss whether he or she may enroll.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate professional behaviors and attitudes consistent with the delivery of compassionate, safe, ethical and legal client care
  • Apply effective skills in the areas of communication, critical thinking and problem-solving in the practice of healthcare simulation.
  • Demonstrate ability to safely and effectively manage healthcare simulation procedures and care for self and clients.
  • Demonstrate ability to provide high quality entry-level healthcare simulation services (under the required supervision of clinical personnel.)
  • Incorporate values and attitudes congruent with the profession’s core values and code of ethics through the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Career Opportunities

Simulation Technologist


Course Title Credits
ALH 1001 Introduction to Simulation in Healthcare 2
ALH 1101 Introduction to Healthcare Delivery 2
ALH 1102 Basic Healthcare Practices & Medical Scribe 3
ALH 1140 Fundamentals of Disease Processes 3
ALH 2101 Simulation Technology Basic Repair 2
ALH 2131 Lab for Simulation Technology Basic Repair 1
ALH 2201 Survey of Drug Therapy 2
ALH 2901 Simulation Technology Seminar 1
ALH 2996 Simulation Technology Practice 2
(BIO 1107 OR BIO 1121 OR BIO 1141) 3 - 4
BIS 1221 Specialized Computer Applications for Health Information Management 3
BIS 1500 Software Testing Fundamentals 3
CIS 1107 Introduction to Operating Systems 3
CIS 1111 Introduction to Problem Solving & Computer Programming 3
CIS 1130 Network Fundamentals 3
CIS 1140 Information Systems Analysis & Design 3
CIS 2711 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 3
CIS 2731 A+ Hardware & Software 4
(COM 2206 OR COM 2211 OR COM 2225) 3
ENG 1101 English Composition I 3
HIM 1101 Medical Terminology 2
(MAT 1130 OR Ohio Transfer Module: Mathematics Elective) 3
PSY 1100 General Psychology 3
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This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances.