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Additional Library Services


The Sinclair Library offers these additional services to students, faculty, and staff:

Course Reserves

Current Sinclair students will need to present a Tartan Card or valid state photo ID or driver's license to borrow materials from the Sinclair Course Reserves collection. You may obtain your own Tartan Card by going to the office of Registration & Student Records during normal business hours, Building 10, Room 204.

What are Course Reserves?
Course Reserves are a collection of materials, not in general circulation, to be used for class assignments. Reserve materials are located behind the Library Service Desk and consist of textbooks, reference materials, articles, and media necessary for students to complete course assignments. Not all textbooks are on Reserve. If your textbook is not available, you can request that your instructor or the department place a copy on Reserve.

Searching for Course Reserve Materials
You can search for Reserve materials by the course number in the Online Catalog.

Library reserve items

Reserve Fines
Course Reserve materials are in high demand and must be returned in a timely manner. If they are not returned when due, the following fines for each loan period will be applied:

Loan periods / Late Fines*


  • 3-Hour Library Use Only - $0.50/Hour with 30 min. grace OR $20/day (max $100)
  • 3-day Loan - $20/day (max $100)
  • 7-day Loan - $20/day (max $100)

*You may request a receipt when paying a fine

How to Place Materials on Reserve
Go to my.Sinclair -> Forms Central -> Library. Complete the online Materials Reserve Request Form. Allow 3-5 working days to ensure that materials will be available for use. All requests are processed in the order they are received.

Reserve Loan Periods Available
3 hours             3 days             7 days

If you have any questions, please contact the Library at 937-512-2855 OR email:

Library Computers

The Library has over 175 desktop computers and around 50 laptops.

Library Computers

Available for use whenever the facility is open. To use a computer, Sinclair Students/Faculty/Staff can simply walk up to an unoccupied PC, and log in using your My.Sinclair username and password. If you are not a current student, or are a member of the community, there are Guest Computers available. See an IT staff member at the Service Desk to get a guest pass. They are 2 hour use per day. In addition there are a number of FLEX computers that have special software loaded on them for certain classes.

Library open computer lab

Computers in the Library are very popular. For alternatives to the "General" library computers, you might consider using the sign-in stations to request labs "L03" or "L25". They are areas that serve as overflow when no classes are being taught in them. Any additional questions you may have can be answered by IT staff at the Library desk. 


Laptops can be checked out to Sinclair members for 3 hours at a time and must be returned to the desk 30 minutes prior to closing.

Reference Services

Reference Librarian

The Service Desk is staffed by a trained and highly qualified group of reference librarians. Users needing assistance with library-related questions should come to the Service Desk and speak with one of the librarians on duty. They can provide assistance with using the Library Website, which includes the catalog and the OhioLINK information system. In addition, online reference is available for off campus assistance through our chat service, LibChat. Just look for a chat box with the words "Chat with a Librarian!".

Library reference desk

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection is composed mainly of encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, and other sourcebooks. These materials provide brief facts, biographical information, and statistical data. This collection is also an excellent starting point for obtaining an overview of a topic. Please consult a reference librarian if you need help in locating reference sources. Online reference can be found in our CREDO collection


What is a Periodical?
A magazine, journal, or newspaper published on regular intervals, usually more frequently than annually. Each issue contains separate articles, stories, or other writings. (ALA rules)

Shelf Arrangements
Magazines and journals -- Periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order by title (ignore the first article, "A", "An", or "The" if it is there). Newest issues are displayed on slanted shelves. Recent issues are stored on the flat shelves below them. Older issues, depending on publication frequency and thickness of the issue, are archived in boxes. The Library typically doesn't carry anything older than 5 years.

Library periodicals

Newspapers -- Current issues are placed on poles on the newspaper stand located on the left side of Starbucks Coffee (facing the front of Starbucks). Older newspapers are stored in trays. Ask at the Library Service Desk if you have any questions.

Checkout Policies
Print paper periodicals can be checked out for one week with one renewal. Any user with a valid photo identification, according to Sinclair Library circulation rules, can check out a maximum of 10 issues.