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Tutoring & Learning Center Resources

Instructional Videos and Practice Worksheets

The Tutoring & Learning Center provides alternative learning resources. In addition to professional tutors, the Center provides worksheets for English, math, reading, online computers for research, paragraph and essay writing, and published websites.


English & Reading Resources


Math Lab - Discover Your Course

Welcome to the MAT course list page of the TLC Math Lab! Have fun exploring the resources that we have, as well as links to external resources that we found useful. First, we list several common and graphing calculator handouts and tutorials, then a list of math courses organized by category. Clicking on the course name will take you to that resource page. Enjoy!

  • MAT 1120 Business Mathematics
  • MAT 1460 Finite Mathematics for Business Analysis
  • MAT 2160 Calculus for Business and Economics
Allied Health
Math for Teachers
  • MAT 1410 Numerical Concepts for Teachers
  • MAT 1420 Algebra and Data Analysis for Teachers
  • MAT 1430 Geometry and Measurement for Teachers
Technical Mathematics
Topics in Applied Mathematics
Trigonometry / Calculus
Advanced Mathematics