Student Guidelines for Academic Testing



Walk-in Testing (no appointments)

·      Tests are administered on a walk-in basis only.  Students will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis after signing in at the kiosk in the lobby outside room 10-445.

·      Students may call the Testing Center to verify that their tests are on file and ready to be administered.

·      Students should have their Tartan card ready and know the following information:  (1) course number, (2) section number, (3) instructor’s name and (4) accurate description of the test (e.g., test #2, final).

·      Students can expect a longer than usual wait during peak periods (e.g., lunch time, after 4:00 p.m., midterms and finals).

·      Students are responsible for making arrangements with their instructors to ensure tests are delivered to the Testing Center.  If a test is not available for administration when the student arrives, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor.


Administration of Tests

·    Tests will only be administered to students with a valid Tartan Card, Ohio driver’s license or state issued photo ID.

·    The use of cellular and/or electronic devices in the testing lab is not allowed.  Students must show that all such devices are powered off before entering the lab.  This policy will be strictly enforced.

·    Calculators (if permitted by the instructor) will be inspected before being used in the testing lab. Check with your instructor regarding what type of calculator is permitted.

·    Students will not be permitted to exit and then re-enter the testing lab once they have been given a test.

·     Personal items must be deposited in the designated storage area in the testing lab.  Purses may be kept under the desk.

·    Any student found using materials not indicated as permissible on the instructor’s coversheet must forfeit the materials to the Testing Center staff.  The student will be allowed to complete the test but the confiscated materials will be forwarded to the instructor with a note of explanation.

·     Dishonesty in any form is prohibited.  Violations may result in disciplinary action by the Student Conduct Board.

·    The Testing Center will not administer a test past the instructor’s deadline or allow the use of any materials not specified on the instructor’s coversheet.

·     Upon administration of each test, the Testing Center staff will indicate the time the student started the test, the time limit, and the actual time the test was completed.  Students must turn in their tests within the instructor’s allotted time.

·    Students must return all testing materials (including scrap paper) to the Testing Center staff and sign out upon completion of their test.

·    Students needing to take multiple tests are required to sign in for each test.  Students will not be given more than one timed test per seating (i.e., [1] sign in for test one, take test one, then [2] sign in for test two, take test two).

Thank you for your cooperation in following these guidelines.