Accuplacer is a computerized placement test in English and math that is a part of Sinclair Community College’s enrollment and registration process. This test will determine which classes students should schedule during their first term. It is not a pass/fail exam. The goal is to ensure students are placed in classes that are neither too difficult nor too easy.

Must I show a photo ID to take the Accuplacer Placement test?
Yes, a Tartan ID card or a State/Government Issued ID is required for placement testing.

Who should take Accuplacer?
• All new degree seeking and certificate students. • Transfer students who do not have transfer credits in English or math from their previous school(s). • Transient students who want to take English or math. • Any student who has not tested in the past two years or transferred college level courses.

Are children permitted to wait in the lobby while the student takes the placement test?
In keeping with campus policy, children are not permitted in the Testing Center nor are they permitted to be left unattended in the lobby.

What if I have already taken the Accuplacer test?
If you have tested within the last two years, you most likely will not need to retest. In order to determine this, you should first meet with an academic advisor.

What if I have taken the ACT, SAT or COMPASS test within the last two years?
You will be exempt from taking the test in any section that you have met the minimum score guideline. If your ACT or SAT scores have not been sent to Sinclair electronically, you will need to obtain them through the ACT or SAT official websites ( or If you took the COMPASS test, you will need to contact the college where you took the COMPASS test and request that your scores be faxed to the Sinclair Testing Center at 937-512-2121. Contact the New Student Enrollment Center at 937-512-3334 for score guidelines.

What if I have been out of school for a long time?
You are not in the minority. Many of our students have been out of school for a number of years. We are prepared to meet your needs with a step-by-step program, as well as assistance along the way.

What if I did not do well?
Remember that you cannot pass or fail the Accuplacer test. Your score reflects placement into a class that will challenge you, but not overwhelm you. Proper placement ensures that you will be successful in your class.

What if I just do not test well?
The Accuplacer test is adaptive and works with you as an assessment tool. Prior to testing, make sure you are well rested. Take advantage of the listed test preparation review tips. Most importantly, do not rush—take your time during the test. Good preparation builds your confidence which will ensure your success.

I scored lower than I thought I would—now what?
If it is your first time testing in the calendar year, you have the option to retest. The most successful retesters review the types of questions that they were unsure how to answer. If you have taken the test twice and your score was within the same score range, then most likely you are at the correct placement. You should take the recommended class and to develop a solid foundation.

What if I live beyond 60 miles of Sinclair and cannot come to campus to take the placement test?
You may take the test at one of Sinclair's Testing Centers or secure a proctor, or exam supervisor, by following the steps on the Proctored Placement Test web page

How long does it take to complete the placement test?
Allow approximately two hours to complete the entire test. Remember, Accuplacer is not timed, so individuals may work at their own pace and are encouraged to take their time. Breaks from testing are permitted and encouraged.

Do students need an appointment to take Accuplacer?
No, the test is given individually on a first come, first served basis. Arrive at least three hours before closing time to complete the entire test. However, if you are bringing a group for testing, please contact the Testing Center Coordinator at (937) 512-2618 to schedule a date and time.

Should students bring anything with them to the test?
Students need to know their Social Security number. Use of personal calculators, cellular devices, dictionaries, notes, textbooks, or any other reference/resource materials is not permitted.

Do students need computer skills?
Accuplacer is designed for individuals with little or no computer experience. A testing proctor is available to assist students in getting started.

When should students complete their Accuplacer assessment?
Students must complete placement testing before meeting with their academic advisor and prior to registering for classes. Remember, the earlier in the term students register the better the selection of classes.

What does it mean that Accuplacer is an adaptive test?
Each test is adaptive. This means that the computer automatically determines which questions are presented to each individual based on their responses to prior questions. This technique selects just the right questions to ask without being too easy or too difficult. Each test is untimed so the individual can give each question as much thought as needed. However, once the answer has been selected and confirmed, there is no going back to that question.

Should students review?
YES! Reviewing is an excellent way to refresh basic math, reading, and writing skills. Many students find SAT or GED review books helpful. These and other review materials are available in the library. Sinclair Community College also offers the services of the Academic Resource Center (ARC) where computer based instruction is available for non-registered new students. ARC services are intended to refresh and improve skills in English, math and reading. A practice test is also available at

When do students get their results?
Results will be provided upon completion of the test along with information about the next steps required in order to register for classes. Students will be asked to keep their placement test results for the meeting with their academic advisor. The academic advisor will explain the test results and make recommendations based on the test scores and selected major.

What is the Placement Retest policy?
Students may retake the placement test for writing, reading, and math once per calendar year for a $15.00 fee. Students who wish to retest must wait 24 hours between the original and the retest. The most recent scores are valid for two years.