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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a copy of my term statement (FKA: fee bill)?

To retrieve a copy of your term statement please follow the directions listed below:

  •  Log Into:
  • Select WebAdvisor
  • Click Students
  • Scroll down to Student Finance
  • Click View Account Summary & View/Print Term Statements
How may I pay my tuition and fees?

Click on the related links to learn more Methods of Payment

How do I get my refund check?

Please review Sinclair’s refund policy webpage for how to get your refund check.

Every student's refund situation is different. The refund policy webpage will also tell you how to check if you get a refund, how to get your refund, about refunds of student deposits, refund appeals, and access to refund forms.

What are my next steps if I was notified that I owe for a Pell Grant overpayment or other Financial Aid related balances?
Please contact the Bursar Office at (937) 512-2606 for repayment options.
I will be attending Sinclair for the first time. When should I pay my $20 registration fee?
The registration fee for first-time registrants will be included in your first term Term Statement.
What if I miss the payment deadline?

Unpaid courses after the published payment deadline may be subject to deregistration.

How do I change my mailing address?
Please visit the Welcome Center Check-in desk in Building 10, Room 101, or by visiting here. Addresses cannot be changed by the Bursar Office or over the telephone.

How much does it cost to attend Sinclair?

Refer to the Current Fee Schedule