The Academic Resource Center


The primary goal of the ARC is to offer prospective students an opportunity to improve their basic skills in math, reading, and writing prior to enrolling in college. The ARC is designed to help students who need a refresher in math, reading, and writing.  Students will need ACCUPLACER test scores in order to be properly placed in a curriculum, before working in the ARC Lab.  Upon completion of at least 10 hours with us or eliminating a minimum of 1 DEV class based on curriculum progress, a coupon for a free retest will be given at no cost to the student.

Academic Resource Centers (ARCs)

Goal: Prepare/remediate the basic skills (mathematics, reading, and writing) of prospective students before they enter college.

Assessment: Students retake the Sinclair Placement Test after spending time in the ARC.

Measure of Success: Percentages of students who test out of developmental courses and enroll directly into college level courses as a result of participation in ARC activities.

Welcome to the Academic Resource Center! Contact us at (937)-512-3495