Activities and Programs


Student Support Services conducts workshops each quarter on a variety of subjects, including

  •       study skills
  •       time management
  •       math anxiety
  •       scientific calculator
  •       personal improvement

Check our calendar for workshops this quarter.


Cultural Events

Improving students' well-being is not restricted to academics and counseling; we strive to enrich our participants' lives in other areas as well.  Through cultural outings such as the following, participants with similar situations have been able to bond and become study partners:

  •      concerts
  •      plays
  •      picnics
  •      sports events
  •      museum visits

In the past we have attended concerts at the Fraze Pavilion and held an ice-skating party at the Kettering Rec. Center. Check our calendar for upcoming events.


Textbook Loan & School Supply Program

All students need supplies, and SSS is happy to lend assistance in this area too.  Through our textbook loan program, we are able to loan out copies of texts commonly used at Sinclair.  We also have tape recorders and calculators (scientific and graphing) available for our active participants. Finally, for information on school supplies, read the Coupon Exchange Program bellow.


$$$ Coupon Exchange Program

We are always looking for fun and effective ways to inspire students. In order to keep SSS participants feeling involved and motivated, as well as to introduce them to some of our lesser-known services, we award coupons for various SSS activities. With the coupons they accumulate, participants can "purchase" bonus gifts and school supplies from us, such as pens, highlighters, notebooks, folders and computer disks.