Fast Facts

Sinclair has been in business for 128 years

130 years

Number of years Sinclair has been in existence after being founded in 1887.

Sinclair has 5 locations throughout the Dayton Region

5 Locations

Sinclair has 5 locations in Dayton, Eaton, Englewood, Huber Heights and Mason.

Sinclair grads


Degrees and certificates awarded in academic year 2015-16

31,000 students attend Sinclair annually


Students attending Sinclair in academic year 2015-16 (est.)


College Credit Plus Student


Students enrolled in the College Credit Plus program (early-to-college) in Academic Year 2015-16

223 Certificate and Degree programs are available


Number of different degree and certificate programs offered by Sinclair

Student at computer


Typical number of students who transfer annually

Student taking an online class


Number of students registered for online courses in academic year 2015-16


Number of Employees


Number of Sinclair employees

Health Sciences Center building rendering

$150 million

Sinclair's capital investment in its Dayton campus in the past ten years. The next five years is expected to add another $80 million.

Nursing Students


Number of Sinclair health care programs whose students' certificate exam pass rates exceed the national and/or state average

Sinclair has a high approval rating from graduates


Sinclair graduates rating the overall quality of Sinclair as good to excellent