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The Student & Community Engagement office is a vital part of student life at Sinclair College. As a student, you can participate in a wide variety of activities, organizations and student clubs. Through these opportunities, you can meet new friends, explore your interests, and make a difference at Sinclair and in your community. Whether you are a full or part time student, getting involved is the best way to make connections, expand your horizons, and build up your resume!

Make the most of your college experience by joining a student club or organization.

Do not see a student club or organization that interests you from the below list? Visit Student & Community Engagement at the Dayton Campus, building 8 – room 8025, and start a new club or organization today.

Academic and Career

Business & IT

Paralegal Student Association (PSA) creates opportunities for paralegal students to build professional relationships with each other, alumni, and professionals in the paralegal field. The club increases awareness of the paralegal program among Sinclair students, faculty and staff.


Elizabeth Orlando
Dayton Campus, Room 5141

Creative Arts

American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) expands the knowledge of visual communications and provides opportunities to gain more experience in the design field through interactions with its members, the local community and professionals in the field of design.  The organization engages first year students by getting them involved with the AIGA national organization, bringing in speakers from the design community, attending AIGA hosted events, and working on pieces for professional portfolios that receive feedback.


Jeanine Kincheloe
Dayton Campus, Room 13214

Amanda Romero
Dayton Campus, Room 13214

Art Club provides cultural and creative experiences to Sinclair students.


Bridgette Bogle
Dayton Campus, Room 13413

Kevin Harris
Dayton Campus, Room 13201

Choral Music Association (CMA) brings together Sinclair College students, faculty, staff and community members interested in choral music events.  The club showcases and advertises the Sinclair College Music Department, sponsors activities around campus, and fosters a collaborative relationship between students and Sinclair faculty.


Nolan Long
Dayton Campus, Room 2325

Health Sciences

Dietetics & Nutrition Club (DNC) provides direction and leadership for quality nutrition education that promotes optimal health and nutritional status of students, staff and faculty of Sinclair College as well as the Dayton community.  The club provides a variety of nutrition-related activities, gives each student the opportunity to communicate and work with peers in the Sinclair College environment, develops leadership abilities, and provides continuing and supporting education for all members.


David Clark
Dayton Campus, Room 13426

Kyle Stone
Dayton Campus, Room 13426

Human Services, Behavioral Health Club (HSBH) engages students in the field of behavioral health through activities that promote the awareness of mental health and chemical dependency within the college and community.


Sheryl Gould
Dayton Campus, Room 9219

Gwen Helton
Dayton Campus, Room 9215

Respiratory Care Club educates on Respiratory Care and cardio-pulmonary diseases.  The club participates in community service opportunities and provides information about careers in the Respiratory Care field.


Sanja Keller
Dayton Campus, Room 3212

Sinclair Chapter of National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (Sinclair NAVTA) increases the interaction among students, faculty and staff at Sinclair within the Vet Tech field.  The organization provides community service to the Greater Miami Valley and educates the community on what being a veterinary technician means, what careers are available in the Vet Tech field, and increases the basic understand of veterinary medicine.


Natalie Fleck
Dayton Campus, Room 3320

Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association (SADHA) promotes a better understanding of the Dental Hygiene profession.


Sheranita Hemphill
Dayton Campus, Room 5222

Student Medical Assisting Association (SMAA) strives to bring awareness to the medical assisting program at Sinclair College, ensures the success of Sinclair students, and uses skills to better the health of the community.


Kelly Gruver
Dayton Campus, Room 3220

Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

American Sign Language Club (ASL) provides cultural and language enrichment opportunities for American Sign Language students.


Jessica Minor
Dayton Campus, Room 9222

History and Global Awareness Club helps increase the awareness of history and global issues at Sinclair College.


Yufeng Wang
Dayton Campus, Room 3146

Psychology Club provides opportunities to become involved in the field of psychology, develops leadership skills, and provides opportunities for faculty-student interactions.


Marlow Davis
Dayton Campus, Room 5167

Brandon Jablonski
Dayton Campus, Room 4127

Social Work Club increases interactions among social work students, faculty and staff at Sinclair College as well as members of the local community in an effort to:  raise awareness about community issues and needs, increase participation in community events, and provide information on career and college opportunities related to social work.


Jennifer McDermott
Dayton Campus, Room 12351

Sociology Club promotes awareness of sociological issues and engages students in activities beyond the classroom.  The club provides awareness of what sociology is and why/how it makes a difference on campus and in the community by promoting a variety of social activities and events, guest speakers, film viewings, group discussions and service learning opportunities.  Club activities encourage interest and motivation to inspire students to be aware, lead and serve.  Open to all majors, the club is a venue for Sinclair students, faculty and staff as well as community members to share ideas relevant to sociological issues.


Dana Johnson
Dayton Campus, Room 12351

Sean Frost
Dayton Campus, Room 1210

Public Safety & Justice

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Biotechnology Club exists to give all students who have an interest in the biotechnology industry a chance to meet and socialize, discuss current topics, and take tours of biotech related industries.


Susan Luken
Dayton Campus, Room 3012

Tartan Auto Club shares automotive information, knowledge and local automotive community involvement. The club uses the knowledge learned in Sinclair classes with members’ collective knowledge and experience to positively influence the community as well as motivate current and former automotive students.


Ralph Miller
Dayton Campus, Room 20211


Leadership and Special Interest

A Culturally Educated Sisterhood (A.C.E.S) instills in its members unity, pride and respect for themselves, the college and the community.  The club provides a vehicle to increase the self-esteem of its members through networking, providing peer group support, and academic, cultural and social education.


Margaret Bailey
Dayton Campus, Room 8025

Jessica McKinley
Dayton Campus, Room 2219

African American Culture Club (AACC) develops unity among Sinclair College’s African American students, faculty, staff and the community.  The club serves as a network to inspire and motivate African American students by challenging each other to strive for and achieve higher goals.


Bobby Beavers
Dayton Campus, Room 10425

Valerie Mayfield
Dayton Campus, Room 4142

Boikai Twe
Dayton Campus, Room 4143

BriTe SiGnaL Alliance is committed to promoting equality and raising awareness about diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity including challenges faced by the LGBTQA community.  The club offers support, education, and fun while promoting greater diversity awareness and change in the college and local community.


Kara Brown
Dayton Campus, Room 5111

Marlow Davis
Dayton Campus, Room 5167

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) creates a supportive group that helps college students achieve their goals and better their lives, and in the process, building leaders who make a better world.


Gary Leppla
Dayton Campus, Room 14207

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) recognizes and encourages scholarship among college students. The organization provides opportunities for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate, for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. 


Rocky Belcher
Dayton Campus, Room 10339

Sinclair Ohio Fellows is a leadership development program based on the philosophy of Servant Leadership.


Tom Roberts
Dayton Campus, Room 8025

Sinclair Tartan Cheerleaders increases Sinclair's spirit at campus athletic events, participates in community service opportunities, provides information on college opportunities, and increases general understanding and interest in the field of cheerleading.


Tracey Brown
Dayton Campus, Room 7112

Student Veterans Group increases interaction among students, faculty and staff at Sinclair College.  The club interacts with members of the local community and professionals within the area to: bring awareness of needs and concerns of the veteran community (within the college and community) to the students, faculty and staff; provide opportunities for community service; and provide information on professional and college opportunities.


Emily Demeter
Dayton Campus, Room 10323

Becky Jones
Dayton Campus, Room 10323

Sustainability Club promotes sustainability on campus and in the community through activities and education.


Barbara Gilbert
Dayton Campus, Room 6344

Robert Gilbert
Dayton Campus, Room 11122


Student led clubs and organizations are organized in accordance with the guidelines of Sinclair’s Student & Community Engagement office.  The views and opinions expressed by student clubs and organizations do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Sinclair College.


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