Appalachian Outreach

Appalachian Outreach collaborates with college and community partners to provide programs and services that help eliminate educational and social barriers, champion the benefits of post-secondary education and life-skills training, and promote Appalachian cultural awareness at Sinclair and in the community.

Principle Goals:

  • To serve Dayton's Appalachian neighborhoods through programming and services that help eliminate barriers and ensure access to post-secondary education.
  • To develop and nurture collaborative partnerships with college and community leaders to design and support programs that not only celebrate Appalachian identity, culture and values, and the rich diversity within our community.
  • To bring awareness to the valuable human assets we have in our community, and the educational and social challenges that exist and potentially hinder a vision of possibility.
  • To build and strengthen the career and college readiness in the Miami Valley, and help to redefine what that means for students and families in our region.


Institutional and Foundational scholarships are available through Appalachian Outreach and are based on need. Scholarship applications are reviewed and awarded by the Appalachian Outreach Coordinator and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Appalachian Outreach Scholarship PDF

Appalachian Community Advisory Board

The Appalachian Community Advisory Board is comprised of local Appalachian community and education leaders, and members of Sinclair faculty and staff. The board meets quarterly to share information and ideas and provide support for community and educational initiatives.

Annual Appalachian Unsung Hero Awards Breakfast

The Appalachian Unsung Hero Award recognizes those who have performed good deeds and built pride and self esteem, but have gone unnoticed or unrewarded for their exceptional efforts in the Appalachian community. Nominees for this award must meet the federal definition of Appalachian, or must have demonstrated outstanding service within the Appalachian community. For information regarding Unsung Hero 2018 please contact Tess Little at 937-512-5318.