Honors Program


Honors Declartion Forms are need in order for a student to take a class for Honors. The form must be signed by both the instructor and the student in order to be processed. It is the students responsibility to submit the form.

Term Due Date
Spring Full Term & A Term January 17, 2017
Spring12 Week Term February 13, 2017
Spring B Term March 20, 2017

Vision Statement

The Sinclair Honors Program is designed to meet the needs of students who seek intellectual challenges and are willing to assume more responsibility for their learning experience. The aim of the program is to identify, stimulate, and recognize Sinclair's driven students with the belief that Honors students, as leaders of tomorrow, should make a commitment to community service. Honors courses cultivate critical thinking skills, encourage individual inquiry, promote community involvement, and demand high quality performance and responsibility.

Students can participate in the Honors Program in two ways:

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Individual Honors Classes                   Honors Scholars Program

For more information, please select an option below:

Department Information
Building 10, Room 339

P: 512-4331

E: honorsprogram@sinclair.edu

Myra Bozeman

P: 512-4331

E: myra.bozeman@sinclair.edu

Administrative Assistant
Ebony Adomanis
Administrative Assistant I/part-time

P: 512-4331

E: ebony.adomanis@sinclair.edu

Jessica McKinley

P: 512-4331

E: jessica.mckinley1425@sinclair.edu