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Request Online Content in Alternate Formats

If you are having problems accessing any online content on Sinclair's websites, you can request it be made available in an alternate format for accessibility needs. To request information in an alternate format, please fill out the appropriate concern form OR contact Accessibility Services.

Make sure to include the best way to contact you for providing assistance, what online content you are trying access, what accessibility barriers you are encountering, and what alternate format you are requesting. All alternate format requests will be responded to promptly and alternate accessible content will be provided in a timely manner.


Accessibility Services

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: Building 4, Room 4331
Phone: Accessibility Services Phone: 937-512-5113
Public Videophone: 937-701-6784
Email: accessibility@sinclair.edu
Website: www.sinclair.edu/accessibility-services

File a Complaint

To make a formal complaint, or simply to learn about the procedures available at Sinclair, see www.sinclair.edu/complaint

Contacts for Support Services

Policy and complaints

Accessibility/Counseling Manager, Alicia Schroeder
Building 4, Room 4331

Equal Opportunity Officer, Nathaniel Newman
937-512-2514 | Building 7, Room 340 | nathaniel.newman@sinclair.edu

Chief Diversity Officer, Michael Carter
937-512-3833 | Building 12, Room 312 | michael.carter@sinclair.edu

Web accessibility training –

Manager of Web Development, Jeannette Owens
Building 12, Room 12382

Technical assistance –

Help Desk
937-512-HELP (4357)

Accessibility assistance –

Accessibility Services
937-512-5113 (Public Videophone: 937-701-6784) | Building 4, Room 4331

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