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Sinclair in Centerville


Quality Education and Career Training that is Convenient to I-675 and Wilmington Pike in Centerville

Sinclair in Centerville will offer a nationally recognized community college education right at your doorstep.

The Sinclair in Centerville location will continue Sinclair Community College's mission of providing accessible, affordable, flexible education—meeting the needs of the community. We will be a a full-service location, initially offering 18 academic programs in their entirety. Even more programs are available for students willing to take some classes online or at our Dayton campus. Sinclair credits you earn at Centerville are also transferable to most four year universities.


New Student? Visit with Us!

Plan your visit to Sinclair Enrollment Advisors to meet your academic support team; learn more about the amazing programs and services available at Centerville; get an overview of how to begin; and take a campus tour!

Campus visits are highly recommended for students attending college or Sinclair for the first time, or for students returning to college after a lengthy break.


Students who are ready to register for classes may schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor. If you already have an advisor, you can schedule an appointment using the online scheduling tool.

Academic Program Offerings

Centerville's academic program offerings are focused in three key areas. Information Technology with emphases on Networking and Cyber Security; a variety of Health Sciences certificate offerings; and general education courses that are aligned with universities' transfer requirements.  Whether you are interested in pursuing or advancing your career in IT or Healthcare or you're planning to pursue a four-year degree, Sinclair Centerville is for you!

Computer Information Systems (CIS) – Cyber Security & Networking

Health Sciences Certificates

Other Program Offerings


About the Centerville Location

Sinclair's new Centerville Campus is located at 5800 Clyo Road.

Sinclair Centerville classes will start in Spring 2019.

The Sinclair Centerville location continues Sinclair Community College's mission of providing accessible, affordable, flexible education—meeting the needs of the community. We are a full-service location, offering full academic programs in Information Technology and Health Sciences as well as many courses designed for university transfer. Any Sinclair student can receive support at Centerville for student services such as academic advising, financial aid, and registration.

View of the Centerville Location by air

Pond behind the Building Grounds

Cafe Inside Building near entrance