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Student Life

Student Life

There’s always something to do at Sinclair, known for its activities and extra-curricular organizations that every student can enjoy. Attend a performance from the Sinclair Theatre department or attend a session of Sinclair Talks, a series of weekly presentations about social and cultural issues. Take advantage of Sinclair-sponsored service learning opportunities—like tutoring for at-risk children, disaster relief assistance and veteran appreciation projects—to help the community grow.

Share your journey—get involved at Sinclair to build both your employment portfolio and your community.

Sinclair has a club for every interest, so you can get involved in your favorite groups, from civic activism to sports and hobbies. Opportunities abound for developing your leadership skills. Or you can always just hang out with your friends over coffee in Sinclair’s state-of-the-art library.

Arts and 

Arts and Culture

With art exhibitions, musical performances, multicultural events and theatrical productions open to the public, we hope you take a moment to truly experience the Sinclair culture.

Clubs and Organizations

hijab day

Sinclair has over 30 student clubs and organizations on campus. It's a great way to get involved on campus and make new friends! To explore the list of active clubs and organizations, please visit the Sinclair College Student Clubs & Organizations Hub (SCSCOH) on eLearn. *To enroll, go to your My.Sinclair page, Click on eLearn, Click on DISCOVER, Type "Clubs" in the search bar, Select the SCSCOH and enroll. It's free & updated daily!


Sinclair Talks

Sinclair Talks are workshops, seminars, and service learning opportunities that are focused on enriching the student experience through academic resources, career exploration, diversity dialogues, financial literacy, leadership training, and interpersonal development.