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Sinclair College

Building 10 Restrooms to Close May 9 and Other Dayton Campus Maintenance Projects

Facilities Management announces several maintenance and improvement projects that will take place in existing buildings on the Dayton campus during the summer months beginning Monday, May 9.

May 9 – August 15:

Restrooms on all floors of Building 10 will be out of service for renovation and plumbing replacement.  Restrooms in adjacent Buildings 11 and 2 will be open on all floors. For questions, contact Planning & Construction at 3048.

May 9 – 11:

An electric car charging station will be installed in Parking Lot EE.  For questions contact Service Control at 3090.

May 9

Installation of new countertops in Chemistry lab room 12393 begins.  Coordination has been made with the Chemistry Department.  For questions contact, Planning & Construction at 3048.

May 12-17:

The walkway ramp on the plaza between Buildings 3 & 4 will be closed for repairs.  No handicap accessibility will be available at this location while repairs are made.  For questions, contact Service Control at 3090.

May 12-17:

Walkway ramp plaza steps between Buildings 2 & 3 will be closed.  A pedestrian through access will be maintained at Buildings 2 & 3 during the repairs.  For questions, contact Service Control at 3090.

Thank you for your patience as we work to ensure the quality and sustainability of our facilities.