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Sinclair College

Sinclair Art Students Included in Annual Exhibition at Dayton Visual Arts Center

Seven Sinclair arts students are among those whose work is currently being exhibited for The Cline Show, the annual art & design student invitational at the Dayton Visual Arts Center located on Jefferson Street downtown.  They include Jaqueline Wagner, Jill Spencer, Zoë Duncan, Simeon Estes, Sarah Baker, Latosha Stone, and Chumani Bowser.

The show which runs through February 10 features the best student work happening now at area schools.  The show includes the current Sinclair students as well as two graduates (Eric Hamlin & Michael Krieger) who are now pursuing bachelor’s degrees at Wright State. In addition to exhibiting, Zoe Duncan, Latosha Stone and Sarah Baker were chosen to receive mentoring during the exhibit.

Additional information can be found in the January 21 article in the Dayton Daily News.