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Sinclair College

Sinclair Celebrates 124th Commencement

Sinclair College celebrated commencement on May 3, 2015 at the University of Dayton Arena. And, while the event was a celebration for the students and their families and a reflection of the hard work of the students, faculty, and staff that make up Sinclair, it is also a sign of a tremendous benefit to our community. The 3,601 credentials awarded to Sinclair's 3,051 graduates will result in approximately $235 million in increased earnings for these students and the Dayton Region over the next decade.

This year's class represents the latest in a strong line of Sinclair graduating classes. Over the past five years, Sinclair has completed more degree and certificate holders than any other community college in Ohio.

Some distinguishing features of this year's class:

  • This graduating class has the highest number and percentage of minorities graduating in the last ten years
  • This graduating class has the highest number and percentage of tech prep students graduating in the last ten years
  • Five students will earn an associate degree and a high school diploma in the same year
  • Two students over the age of 70 earned a credential
  • 110 veterans earned a credential from Sinclair as a part of this year's class
  • 35 students earned a 4.0 GPA
  • 11 families celebrated the graduation of more than one family member earning a degree
  • The top degrees earned by this year's graduating class are: Nursing, Liberal Arts, Business Administration, and Visual Communications

The economic impact numbers reflect increased earnings based on the market value of various college credentials and are adjusted for inflation to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). They also reflect 88% of certificate earners and 86% of degree earners staying in the Dayton Region which is typical for Sinclair graduates.

Sinclair is recognized as a local and national leader in delivering high-quality and affordable higher education. One of the oldest and best known community colleges in the nation, Sinclair was founded in 1887 and is a board member of the prestigious League for Innovation in the Community College. Sinclair offers over 220 accredited degrees and certificates.

View video of the celebration as reported by WDTN News.