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Energy Technology ENRGY.S.CRT

One-year Technical Certificate - 30 - 31 Credit Hours

Division: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Department: Civil Engineering Technology
Effective as of Fall 2024

What is the program about?

This program is intended for students who are interested in an entry-level position in the field of energy services. This program consists of HVAC, energy analysis and management, energy services and renewable energies courses.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the specification, use and calibration of measuring devices such as blower doors, duct blasters, infrared cameras and combustion analyzers.
  • Identify and demonstrate the purposes, objectives and mechanics of energy auditing processes.
  • Describe the proper operation of the components of heating, air conditioning and air handling systems and subsystems.
  • Calculate the heat transfer through building envelopes.

Career Opportunities

Energy technicians who can perform energy audits and test structures for energy efficient characteristics are in increasing demand.


Course Title Credits
CAT 1111 Mechanical Systems Blueprint Reading 1
CAT 1601 Building Electric & Controls 4
EGV 1101 Alternate & Renewable Energy Sources 3
EGV 1251 Introduction to Energy Management Principles 3
EGV 1301 Architectural Energy Analysis 2
EGV 1401 Weatherization & Building Performance Training 3
EGV 2351 LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation 2
EGV 2700 Energy Management Technology Internship 3 - 4
HVA 1221 Heating Systems 3
HVA 1261 HVAC Loads & Distribution for Small Buildings 3
HVA 1201 Basic HVAC Systems with Cooling 3
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