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Fast Track Programming FTPA1.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 19 Credit Hours

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Computer Science and Information Technology
Effective as of Fall 2022

What is the program about?

This certificate assures that individuals are equipped with current software development skills. It is intended either for experienced programmers looking to update their skill set or for people wishing to make a career change into the Information Technology field. The certificate focuses on the latest software development languages and approaches, object-oriented concepts and database theory.

Program Outcomes

  • Describe the need for an Information Systems methodology and describe the phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle. Develop systems documentation including project plan, process models, data models, structure charts and user interface designs.
  • Apply database design, SQL programming and database application skills to solve business and information technology problems.
  • Design, document and implement computer software solutions given definition of a problem and requirements for a solution.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities in IT include entry-level positions such as software developers, web developers, help desk analysts, network administrators, user support specialists, network security analysts, and network engineers.

Additional Information

This program is available in the following format:

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Course Title Credits
CIS 1111 Introduction to Problem Solving & Computer Programming 3
CIS 1140 Information Systems Analysis & Design 3
CIS 2165 Database Management 3
CIS 2212 Java Software Development I 3
CIS 2217 Java Software Development II 4
CIS 1202 (C++ Software Development) OR CIS 2266 (Python for Data Analytics) OR CIS 2207 (Data Structures & Algorithms) 3
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