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Job Applications

While a resume may serve as your application at many organizations, others will require the completion of an official application form. Unfortunately, many job seekers believe their resume should be enough and do not take applications seriously. They simply complete their application as quickly as possible without paying attention to details and then sabotage themselves without even knowing it. The following tips will make your application strong and more likely to be noticed:

  1. Read through the application completely, answer all questions (do not leave blanks!) and do not write 'see resume'. Make sure to follow the directions exactly!
  2. Print neatly or type your application. When reviewing hundreds of applications, an employer will not take time to decipher poor handwriting.
  3. Be honest. If you have felony convictions or have been terminated from a job, you will want to create an answer that conveys honesty but also remorse.  A staff member from Student and Community Engagement can help you develop the best answer. Your application is a legal document, and you can be fired for falsifying information.
  4. If you are not sure of your dates of employment or wages at a past employer, contact the human resource department at that organization and ask.
  5. Under “position desired” indicate a job title. You may list more than one. Stating that you will do  anything indicates a lack of direction on your part and is of little help to a potential employer.
  6. When addressing salary expected, write “open” or “negotiable”. You do not want to over price or under price yourself.
  7. You should include internships and volunteer work that relate to the position desired.This can be done as part of your work history section or in an additional skills or information section.
  8. You may be asked for additional information or skills that make you a good candidate for the position. Be sure to include skills you have that the position requires.
  9. If possible, have someone review your application prior to submission. Check for grammar and spelling errors.
  10. If the application was mailed, faxed, or submitted online, contact the organization to verify that it was received.