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Find the need and endeavor to meet it. - David A. Sinclair

Mission Statement

Find the need and endeavor to meet it by providing high quality, accessible learning as a college of and for the community.

Three Strategic Priorities

of Sinclair Community College


Southwestern Ohio citizens, communities, and businesses will be served with educational programs and services that are aligned to the economy and the social needs of this region.


The number of college students will grow, as will the rate of success. More businesses and community organizations will receive more training and development services. Efficiency and effectiveness will grow.


The student body, faculty, and staff will reflect the holistic diversity of the region, and success achievement gaps between groups will be eliminated.


Seven Strategic Policy Rules

of the Sinclair Community College Board of Trustees

The following governance "rules" provide operating parameters for the college.

  1. Sustainable: Operate sustainably, for if there is no margin there is no mission. Long-term continuity and stability is critical for successful strategic results.
  2. Accessible: Maintain the social justice and inclusion traditions of the college through open access to programs and services.
  3. The Public Good: Sinclair should pursue decisions and advocate for the good of the greater community.
  4. Best Talent: Hire, develop, and retain the best talent in support of the mission and priorities of the college.
  5. Truthful: Be accurate, truthful, ethical and transparent at all times regarding the viability of strategies, and the conditions and direction of the college.
  6. Continuous Quality Improvement: Benchmark, gather, and apply innovative approaches for continuous improvement.
  7. Compliant: Proactively know, understand, and comply with relevant laws and regulations governing the college.