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Architectural Technology ARC.S.AAS

Associate of Applied Science - 62 - 65 Credit Hours

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Architectural Technology
Effective as of Fall 2024

What is the program about?

The Architectural Technology program helps students develop skills applicable in a variety of Built Environment professions, including architectural, engineering and design practices, contracting firms, and material suppliers. Building Information modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project design (IPD) are core principles taught throughout the curriculum, with Autodesk Revit being the primary BIM tool. Environmental responsibility is emphasized, with students taking a USGBC LEED exam prep course. Curriculum tracks are available for both building technology and building design.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate skills sufficient to solve technical problems related to the field of architecture.
  • Describe and apply the architectural design process using a variety of techniques.
  • Produce working drawings for a single family home and/or a commercial building.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally through proper use of oral, written and graphic techniques.
  • Know building materials, components, and methods of construction for both residential and commercial buildings.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are employed as drafters for architectural firms, inspectors and project managers in the construction industry. Many opportunities exist in the building materials and assemblies sales and supply area.


Formal articulation agreements with other colleges and universities indicate how Sinclair programs and courses will transfer to other institutions.

Additional Information

The Program Educational Objectives are as follows:

  • Graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to function as a design technician or closely related position in industry.

  • Graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to transfer into a baccalaureate degree program.


Course Title Credits
Architectural Technology Elective 3
CAT 1101 Architectural Graphics I 3
CAT 1121 Architectural Graphics II 3
CAT 1161 Introduction to the Built Environment 3
CAT 1201 Construction Methods & Materials 3
CAT 1241 Building Systems 3
CAT 1341 Architectural Design I 3
CAT 2101 Architectural Design II 5
CAT 2201 Architectural Visualization 3
CAT 2411 Architectural Practice, Codes & Laws 3
CAT 2431 OSHA Construction Standards 2
CAT 2700 Architectural Technology Internship 2 - 4
CAT 2780 Architectural Technology Capstone 4
COM 2211 Effective Public Speaking 3
EGV 1301 Architectural Energy Analysis 2
EGV 2351 LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation 2
ENG 1101 English Composition I 3
MAT 1200 (Technical Mathematics) OR MAT 1470 (College Algebra) AND MAT 1570 (Analytic Geometry & Trigonometry) OR MAT 1580 (Precalculus) 5 - 6
Ohio Transfer 36: Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective 3
PHY 1100 (Introduction to Physics) OR PHY 1141 (College Physics I) 4
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This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances.