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Ten Reasons to Study Abroad

Studying abroad may be one of the most important and meaningful experiences you can have as a community college student. Studying abroad pushes you to get out of your “comfort zone,” and develop new skills as you adapt to another culture and environment.  Here are 10 reasons to study abroad:

  1. Build your resume with new skills and knowledge.
  2. Learn how to navigate and adapt to new situations, peoples and ideas.
  3. Advance your career by developing global competency skills.
  4. Develop leadership skills by learning how to overcome challenges and solve problems.
  5. Become an international citizen.
  6. Gain cultural understanding and appreciate other cultural values.
  7. Graduate on time! Studies show that students who study abroad are more likely to graduate on time compared with students who do not.
  8. Analyze and think critically about your own culture.
  9. Gain different perspectives and greater tolerance for different opinions.
  10. Become more confident and independent.

Don't just take our work for it. Check out these resources to see what the experts are saying about the benefits of study abroad!