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English as a Second Language (ESL)

About Sinclair’s ESL Program

Sinclair Community College’s ESL Program is designed to assist students whose first language is not English. The program serves the local immigrant population as well as international students with F-1 visas.  F-1 visa students must enroll through the English Now! Intensive ESL Program.

Contact Information

Students first point of contact:

Paul Carbonaro | ESL Services Coordinator | Building 10, Room 303 |

Faculty and curriculum contact:

Heather Johnson-Taylor | ESL Coordinator | Building 6, Room 311A |

How to Begin

To enroll, first go to Registration and Student Records, taking along official documentation of immigration status if documentation exists. After completing an enrollment application form, take the listening placement test in the Testing Center. This test reveals a student’s ability to comprehend spoken English and helps us understand the student’s general knowledge of the English language.  This is followed by placement into one of the following levels:

  • High Beginning ESL
  • Intermediate ESL
  • Advanced ESL
  • Developmental courses (DEV)
  • College-Level Academic Courses

English as a Second Language Courses

The following is a brief description of the ESL courses offered at Sinclair Community College:

High Beginning Level

Course Number Course Title Description
ESL 0120 Reading and Writing Basics Course helps students develop basic reading comprehension, grammar, and writing skills.
ESL 0125 Listening and Speaking Basics Course helps students develop basic speaking and listening skills with grammar at the center.
ESL 0150 ESL Basic Course helps students develop integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar.

Intermediate Level

Course Number Course Title Description
ESL 0130 ESL Reading and Writing I Course helps students focus on developing reading and writing skills at the sentence and paragraph level. Includes vocabulary development and grammar review.
ESL 0140 ESL Listening and Speaking I Course helps students with basic to intermediate conversational skills.
ESL 0170 ESL Intermediate Course helps students develop Intermediate integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar.

Advanced Level

Course Number Course Title Description
ESL 0135 ESL Reading and Writing II Course helps students develop reading skills in both fluency and comprehension, and writing skills at the paragraph and short essay level. 
ESL 0145 ESL Listening and Speaking II Course helps student develop high-intermediate to advanced conversational skills needed for effective communication in the English language.

ESL 0190

ESL Advanced Course helps students develop integrated skills to further develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability, and in general use of grammar.  The goal of this course is to build student confidence in using English skills for academic programs at Sinclair.


The cost depends entirely on a student's immigration, and residency status, both of which will be determined by Sinclair's Registration department.

There are three levels of cost, the cheapest being 'in county' (Montgomery), followed by 'in state' (Ohio), followed by 'out-of-state/international.'

The current rate for 'in county' is $126.03 per credit, for 'in state' is $173.28 per credit, and for 'out-of-state/international' is $329.40 per credit.

This information is specified at


The following general services are available to ESL students:

  • Assistance with academic and personal matters
  • One-on-one English tutoring
  • Assistance with Financial Aid, and scholarships

Mission Statement

Aligned with Sinclair Community College's overall mission to "find the need and endeavor to meet it by providing high quality, accessible learning as a college of and for the community," the mission of Sinclair's ESL program is to provide students with a high-quality, student-centered, holistic language education that will help them to achieve their academic, professional, social, and cultural goals. The ESL program also seeks to promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and global citizenship by collaborating with Sinclair and community partners.