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Education and Awareness

Each member of the campus community must take responsibility to be aware of his or her own surroundings to reduce the chance of becoming a crime victim. Below are some of the programs and initiatives that Sinclair Police provide:

Architectural Design (on-going)

Sinclair Police has significant input into the design of all new and renovated campus facilities with regard to physical and electronic security systems.

Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance (on-going)

A series of closed-circuit television cameras are located in strategic locations throughout campus, including the Lot A parking garage.

Crime Analysis (on-going)

Sinclair Police review all reported crimes and determine if focused activity may be required for repeated offenses in any given area.

Emergency Blue Light Network (on-going)

Emergency Blue Light Network intercoms are located outside throughout campus and are identified by a blue light atop a pole that houses the telephone. Blue lights are checked and tested weekly by Sinclair Police and maintained by the Sinclair Maintenance Department. View map of Emergency Blue Lights

Electronic Alarm Systems (on-going)

Sinclair Police monitors intrusion, fire, environmental and general emergency alarms utilizing a sophisticated computerized monitoring system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Emergency Telephones (on-going)

In-house telephones are located on the basement and third levels of Buildings 1-6, the third floor of Building 10, the fourth and first floors of Building 11, at the elevators in Building 12, in stairwells in Buildings 13, 14, 19 and 20. These telephones provide easy contact with Sinclair Police for both general assistance requests and emergencies. These phones can also be used to contact other campus offices.

Escorts (as requested)

The department provides escorts 24 hours a day to any member of the campus community at no charge to any destination on campus or any area immediately adjacent to campus property.  To arrange for an escort contact Sinclair Police at 937-512-2700 or stop by Building 7, Room 7112 at the Dayton Campus.  Appointments for escorts are not accepted.

Fingerprinting (on-going / set hours / restricted to certain departments)

Fingerprinting is available to certain departments on campus, such as Allied Health Division programs, Criminal Justice programs, CIS programs, EMS programs and others.

Law and Public Safety Day (on-going)

Sinclair Police, working in partnership with the Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium and the Sinclair College Law and Public Safety Department, sponsor the annual Law and Public Safety Day each Fall Semester. The day provides the opportunity for students, faculty and staff to interact with numerous police agencies, state agencies, local community groups, fire departments; campus student services departments, as well as see and participate in a variety of interactive and simulated activities. 

Orientation Programs for New Employees (as requested / on-going)

Sinclair Police provide orientations at new employee orientations and at selected in-service programming throughout the year. For additional information on obtaining a speaker, contact Sinclair Police at 937-512-2700.

Orientation Programs for New Students (as requested / on-going)

Safety information and department services information is provided by Enrollment Services during campus tours and at on-going new student orientation programs. Safety information is also provided as part of the SCC 1101 (First Year Experience) curriculum For additional information on obtaining a speaker, contact Sinclair Police at 937-512-2700.

Printed Crime Prevention Materials (on-going)

A variety of crime prevention and safety brochures are available at no charge to students, faculty and staff. An information rack is located on the first floor of Building 7 next to the Sinclair Police office. Information on safety and department services is also available at the Sinclair Police website under Education and Awareness.

Rip Off Card Program (on-going)

Sinclair Police strive to reduce the theft rate yearly but your help is needed. Theft is, by far, the most common crime that occurs on campus. In order to help reduce the likelihood of someone becoming a theft victim, the Rip Off Card Program was developed. All officers carry yellow "Rip Off Cards" that are left in lieu of any found property on campus. It only takes "seconds" for someone to steal over $100 worth of textbooks packed in a book bag or a purse containing cash and credit cards. Often these crimes can easily be prevented if the owner simply keeps the item with them.

Safety Committee (on-going)

This committee, chaired by the Director of Public Safety, meets to identify and address general safety issues on campus. It is comprised of a variety of staff, faculty and one student representative.

Security Assessments (on request)

Sinclair Police has one specially trained officer to conduct security assessments for campus offices and organizations. Assessments are conducted upon request of a particular department or organization and as a proactive crime prevention campaign. Assessments are designed to identify problems and recommend corrective action to improve security on campus. The Crime Prevention Officer also conducts an annual security assessment of college landscaping in coordination with the Grounds Department.

Sex Offender Registry (on-going)

Sinclair Police maintains a list of registered sex offenders who are required to advise the department when they register for class. A link to the policy and registry information.

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program (as requested / on-going)

The Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention program is a joint effort by Student Judicial Affairs, Counseling Services, and Department of Public Safety.  The program’s primary purpose is to raise awareness, provide support, resources and education to the college community pertaining to sexual offense, domestic violence, and stalking and or dating violence.  The program provides educational programming and highlights the role that everyone can take in creating a violence-free college community.

Speaker’s Bureau (as requested / on-going)

Officers are available to speak on a variety of subjects including but not limited to department services, theft prevention, preventing domestic violence, preventing  sexual assault/dating violence, stalking, identity theft, active shooter options, self-defense and other programming. Through partnerships with area law enforcement agencies as well as Sinclair’s Police Academy, outside speakers are also available for just about any topic. For additional information on obtaining a speaker, contact Sinclair Police at 937-512-2700.