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Graduation / Career

Career Advising
Graduation Process

Students will receive an email from the Office of Registration and Student Records during the term in which a student is enrolled in the final courses needed to complete his/her degree, certificate or short-term certificate. This email will simply confirm that the student has indeed registered for the necessary courses and that pending successful completion of those courses, can expect to receive his/her diploma or certificate at the end of the term. Once those courses have been completed successfully students will be graduated. They will receive their diploma or certificate through the US Mail five to six weeks after the end of the term.

Career Connection: Your Gateway for Career Resources
Displaced Worker Services

Serving individuals who are currently unemployed or underemployed due to a reduction in force, job relocation, or workplace closure.

Work-based Learning

An internship is a supervised work experience related to the student’s program and career intentions. The internship can be part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid, but the key feature is that the student does meaningful work over a period of time.

Ohio TechCred Program
Service Learning
Student and Community Engagement
Transfer Student Services

For students planning to attend a community college as a stepping stone to university, there are few (if any) better places to start than Sinclair Community College: Nearly 3,000 students transfer from Sinclair each year. And, transfer admission to any Ohio university is guaranteed for Ohio residents who have completed an associate degree! Check out these transfer resources below:

  • Transfer Opportunities
  • Double Degree Program
  • Articulation Agreements
  • Visiting College Schedule
  • Making a Transfer Plan
  • Transfer Tools
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