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Work-based Learning

Work-based Learning Overview

Work-based Learning (WBL) is the meaningful connection to bridge academic course work with in-demand career opportunities. WBL opportunities allow students to directly apply skills learned in the classroom to future career opportunities.  WBL bridges the gap between high schools, post-secondary education, and the workforce.

Information for Students

An internship is a supervised work experience related to the student's academic program and career intentions. Internships typically involve entry-level tasks and responsibilities related to the base of skills developed in the classroom.

Frequently asked questions regarding internships

Getting Started - Action Steps for Students!

Embarking on the journey to find and secure an internship is a truly exciting and fulfilling experience. While the primary responsibility for this endeavor rests with our students, we want you to know that the WBL team is here to provide valuable resources and support throughout your search. When it comes to searching for an internship, time management is of paramount importance. It's never too early to kickstart your quest. In fact, many of our students initiate their internship search several months before the semester in which they plan to undertake it. We highly encourage students to plan at least one semester in advance. This plan will give you enough time to craft a compelling resume and cover letter, ensuring that you put your best foot forward. Additionally, it allows ample time to initiate your search, submit applications, and, hopefully, receive that coveted offer. Taking the initiative and getting a head start can often be the deciding factor in whether you secure the opportunity or it goes to another student. The following action steps are critical to your internship search, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

  1. Complete the Student Application and agreement form.
  2. Then schedule an appointment with the Work-based Learning Team.
  3. Once the appointment is confirmed, meet with the Work-based Learning Team to learn about the internship process. During the meeting, students will learn how to search for internship opportunities that align with their interests and goals.
  4. Begin the internship search process. The Work-based Learning Team collaborates with company partners to spotlight and distribute internships specifically for Sinclair students. While the primary responsibility for finding and securing an internship rests with the students, the WBL team offers resources and assistance throughout the search. Students are also encouraged to connect with the Work-based Learning Team for guidance on cover letter writing, resume support, and mock interviews.
  5. Secure an internship. When a student successfully secures an internship, they should proceed by requesting and submitting a completed Worksite Form, available through the Office of Work-based Learning.
  6. Once the Worksite Form is received and approved by the Work-based Learning Team, students will receive permission to register for the internship class. The Office of WBL will provide registration permission for Internship Courses once the steps above are completed.
  7. Enroll in the internship course. Students will receive a confirmation email from WBL when they are eligible to enroll in the internship course. It is important for students to regularly check their Sinclair email for updates.

Information for Employers

Sinclair interns have proven to be a valuable resource in the region, both before and after graduation. Internships are a valuable tool to build a pipeline of talented candidates; test drive potential employees to ensure a good cultural fit; and help to provide a fresh perspective with innovative ideas and creative thinking. 

More information on how to post an internship position with the Office of Work-based Learning

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