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Earn Your Degree with Reverse Transfer

Are you a former Sinclair student who has transferred to a four-year institution?

If so, you may be eligible to complete your Associate degree at Sinclair Community College by transferring your remaining credits from another institution.

Reverse Transfer of Credits

What is reverse transfer?

Let Sinclair help you determine if you are a candidate for this!

  • Obtain your Sinclair degree... since you've already earned it!
  • Obtain a better job or promotion
  • Supports completion of your Bachelor's degree

For more information:

Ask an Academic Advisor if you may have earned the credits for your Sinclair degree through reverse transfer, e-mail us at


If you believe you meet the requirements, fill out the form below to request more info.

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What to Expect...


Your transcript will be thoroughly reviewed to determine if you have fulfilled the requirements for a degree from Sinclair Community College. Often we find that the degree to be awarded is different than the degree you may have been seeking while at Sinclair, but you may have met requirements for another degree which can be awarded. The most common degree awarded is the Associate of Arts degree.

If you have met the degree requirements through this review, you will be notified with the details regarding your degree. If the review finds you have not yet met the requirements, you will be informed as to what requirements are not completed. We look forward to receiving your materials and anticipate your graduation from Sinclair Community College!

*Residency Requirement: Student must earn a minimum of 33 semester credit hours of their associate's degree from Sinclair or must earn the last 20 semester credit hours of their academic program at Sinclair.


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