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Sinclair College

Flexible Learning

Our Mission

The Department of Flexible Learning aims to increase student access and success through targeted initiatives in online success coaching, through leadership and support in competency-based education, and via high-quality prior learning assessment options.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) pla icon

The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program gives students the opportunity to demonstrate learning done outside of the college classroom to potentially earn college credit. PLA options are broken into two categories: credit by exam and evaluation of a credential, transcripts, or portfolio.  If you are interested in developing or revising a proficiency exam for your course, or discussing the portfolio option, please contact Arian Adducchio at

"FlexPace" Competency-Based Education

Courses offered in the FlexPace modality offer students the opportunity to complete courses at a personalized pace, either accelerating to complete faster, or self-pacing throughout the semester, as our most flexible course modality.  Learning in a FlexPace course is different, much like teaching in one.  If you're interested in discussing whether or not your course would be a good fit for the FlexPace modality, as well as learn about the support from Flexible Learning, please contact Jessica Hodell at

Coaching to Complete

Coaching to Complete is an award-winning in-course coaching model where a Success Coach is partnered with a faculty member to better support learners in online classrooms. Members of the Flexible Learning team participate in this program managed by the Tutoring and Learning Center. In its first year, more than 6,000 students, 50 faculty, and 300 course sections participated with resulting success rates increasing (compared to in person sections) 5%. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with a Success Coach for your course, please contact Allie Hawley, TLC Manager, at