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Physics Resource Lab (PRL)

Students can get help with Physics and Astronomy in the PRL.

Welcome to the Physics Resource Lab (PRL). The PRL is a valuable resource for physics and astronomy students.

At the PRL students can:

  • Receive tutorial assistance
  • Use the facility to work alone or in groups
  • Make up laboratory work
  • Use the Windows based personal computers for Sinclair related data acquisition and analysis and Internet exploration
  • Use the available course textbooks to study

The PRL is open to all students taking Sinclair physics and/or astronomy courses. Other Engineering students may use the lab, but priority will be given to physics and astronomy students. Please click on the various links on this page for additional information on our services and other topics of interest.

No appointment is necessary.Tutors will circulate to students who have indicated they need help.

Contact Icon Contact Information:

Location: Building 4, Room 241
Hours of Operation: 
Tuesday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
P: 937-512-3047
F: 937-512-2688


Newtonian Mountain

Note: these are normal hours and are subject to change based on tutor availability or other unforeseen circumstances.


Tutorial Services

Due to COVID-19 we have suspended tutorial services via the Physics Resource Lab (PRL).
Please seek tutorial help from the Tutoring and Learning Center.

When the PRL is open, one or more tutors are available to help you with your physics or astronomy questions. Tutor backgrounds vary, but all have at least completed a calculus based physics sequence. Some are 3rd/4th year students, some may be graduate students, and others adjunct faculty. Please note the following rules:

  • Tutors are there to help guide you in your studies when you have specific problems
  • Tutors will not help with take home tests or other graded assignments

Homework / Study Area

The PRL room is available for students to use as a study area. You may study individually or in groups. If in groups, please be respectful of others in the room. We have copies of older and current text books. However, these books are not to be taken from the room unless you leave your tartan card as a deposit and only for a few hours.