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CARE (BIT/Conduct/Student Assistance) Form

The CARE (BIT) Team responds to student behaviors of concern that may affect the educational mission and/or operation of the College. The purpose of the group is to provide a timely response to student behavior concerns.

To make it easier to report concerns about students, the BIT, Conduct, and Student Assistance forms have been replaced with one form, the new CARE form.  

Please use this form to report student(s) who may: 

  • Exhibit Behavioral Concerns (classroom disruption, threats, not making sense, disturbed writings, violation of college policy, heightened emotional distress, anger/aggression, suicidal thoughts/ideation/threats, etc.)
  • Express Basic Needs Insecurity (homelessness, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, etc.)

Click here to submit a CARE Form


Please note:  If you need to report an emergency or immediate threat (ex. suicide, threatening behaviors), please contact Campus Police at 937-512-2700 or dial 911.