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Fresh Start

If you have not attended Sinclair for two calendar years, you may be eligible for a Fresh Start. A Fresh Start may improve your Academic GPA. Requirements to be eligible for a Fresh Start are:

  • An absence of two calendar years required (8 academic quarters or 6 semesters)
  • Assessment for writing and numerical skills if required
  • Successful completion of any program required pre-college DEV courses (DEV 0015, DEV 0035, or equivalent) anytime as needed based on an assessment of writing and numerical skills
  • Successful completion of at least six credit hours since re-enrollment with a grade of C or better. Pre-college  DEV courses do not count toward the 6 credit hours

To apply for a Fresh Start:

  • If you think you may be eligible for a Fresh Start or have questions about how this could impact your academic record, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor