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Readmission Policy for Academically Dismissed Students

Students who receive below a 2.0 term GPA while on Academic Probation will be Academically Dismissed from the college.

If you have been dismissed from Sinclair for academic reasons and would like to be readmitted, you must petition for readmission. The petition must be submitted to the academic advisor at least three weeks before the first day of classes for the term you would like to attend.

If you are dismissed for the first time, you must remain out of school for a minimum of one term, including summer. For example, if dismissal was at the end of fall term, you cannot attend spring term, but may petition for readmission to summer term. If you are dismissed a second time must remain out of school for one academic year (three terms).

A student dismissed for the third time will not be readmitted to Sinclair unless there are documented, extenuating circumstances.

To be considered for readmission, you must:

Petitions for readmission are available from the student’s academic advisor.

Veterans Note:

To re-establish VA educational benefits, a student must submit a copy of the readmission petition to Veteran Services in person, Dayton Campus, Building 11, Room 11342, or via email to, after readmission to the college.