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Financial Aid Forms 2020-2021

Financial Aid Online Forms Portal

Sinclair's Financial Aid & Scholarships office utilizes Financial Aid Online Forms - an easy, mobile, personalized process to submit most of your financial aid documents. The Financial Aid Online Forms Portal allows you to complete financial aid processes on your own time, and on the device of your preference.


Once you have submitted your FAFSA, be sure to check your email and Financial Aid Portal to view your financial aid requirements.

Financial Aid Secure Document Upload 

Forms that must still be submitted with an ink signature are listed below.

Students may submit these Financial Aid & Scholarships forms and other requested documentation digitally through the Secure Document Upload tile on 

Please complete all documents in black ink. Do not submit documents through email. 

Financial Aid Forms

2020-2021 Bookstore Increase Request
2020-2021 Change of Award
2020-2021 Federal Work Study Change Request
2020-2021 Intent to Attend Form
2020-2021 Parent FAFSA Refusal Form
2020-2021 Professional Judgment Request
2020-2021 Personal Statement Form
2020-2021 Repeat Coursework Appeal
2020-2021 Student High School Completion Certification
2020-2021 Wright Path Federal Aid Authorization
FERPA Release
Foreign High School Evaluation Request
Student Employment Application

Other Requested Documents

Social Security Card
Birth Certificate
Government Issued ID

Resource Guides

High School Completion Status
Citizenship - Eligible Noncitizen
Federal Student Aid At A Glance
Financial Aid Self Service User Guide
SAP Appeal Request User Guide
Selective Service Registration Information
Student Aid Offer Guide