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CCP Frequently Asked Questions

CCP How Do I....

This form will help answer many questions that you may have regarding CCP and/or college in general.  Questions like, sending a transcript, ordering books, and many more can be found in the document below.  Links are included so it is best viewed online.



CCP Help Links for How to Apply


Frequently Asked Questions are divided into two sections:

College Credit Plus & Sinclair FAQ's

+ Are CCP students required to participate in a Sinclair Orientation session?

Yes. All NEW CCP students will participate in an orientation session prior to the start of their first semester. CCP students taking courses on campus will be invited to an in-person orientation session. In-person orientation is strongly suggested for students taking courses on campus. Students taking courses online or in their high schools may attend in-person orientation or may choose to complete the online orientation.

+ Where may I receive CCP academic advising?

Current CCP students are encouraged to log in via their my.sinclair portal or use the online appointment tool to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor. Students who do not yet have a my.sinclair account should call 937-512-3700 to schedule an advising appointment.

+ What happens if my Sinclair GPA falls below a 2.0?

CCP students are held to the same grading and GPA standards as any Sinclair College student which means that CCP students are subject to Academic Intervention, Probation and Dismissal policies as all students. Click here for more information regarding Sinclair’s Grade Policies.

+ How do I withdraw from a CCP course?

Students who wish to withdraw from a course have two important deadlines to be aware of:

  • CCP Students have 14 calendar days after courses begin to withdraw from a course without any record or penalty.
  • After the 14 day withdraw period has passed students may withdraw before the Withdraw Deadline and receive a “W” on their transcript (See the link in the Deadlines question above for these exact dates).  Students may also be required to reimburse the school districts for the cost of the course, see your high school counselor for more information. 
  • After the Drop Deadline, students who withdraw from a course will receive a grade of “F” on their college and high school transcript. 
  • Students who receive a W may retake the course using CCP funds.

Students may withdraw from a course via their my.sinclair account through the WebAdvisor link or in person at any Sinclair campus.  PLEASE NOTE:  Students should notify their High School Guidance Counselor IMMEDIATELY upon withdrawal of any CCP course.

+ Will Sinclair College send a mid-term grade to CCP students?

No. Sinclair does not send out mid-term grades. If a student desires to know their grade at any time during the semester, they must contact the instructor or professor.

+ Once I have signed up for my CCP classes at Sinclair, am I responsible for buying the required textbooks for my course(s)?

Public & Non-Public school student book costs are covered by their respective high schools.  Homeschool students are responsible for their own book costs.

 ** Please Note: Books purchased by the students high schools are property of the high school and must be returned to the high school at the end of the semester.  Students may be responsible for lost or damaged books.

+ If I drive to Sinclair’s Dayton campus or to a Regional Learning Center to take CCP classes, will I need a parking permit?

Student Parking at all of Sinclair  Campuses is free of charge.

+ Once I have completed my CCP course(s), what do I do with my textbooks?

Public and Non-Public school students’ books are the property of the students’ respective high school.  All books MUST be returned to the high school, unless directed by the high school administration otherwise. Contact your high school for deadlines and the book return process.

+ Will my school or Sinclair provide general use supplies for CCP classes?

General use supplies (notebooks, pens, calculators, and other items) are not provided by Sinclair. You can check with your school, but it is generally the responsibility of the student to provide supplies.

+ How do I get a Sinclair Tartan Card as a CCP student?

You can get your own Tartan Card by coming to the office of Registration and Student Records.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday and 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Friday
Location: Building 10, Floor 2, Room 10231 at the Dayton Campus.  See the Information Desk for Tartan Cards at the Regional Locations.

+ How do I receive my books if I am enrolled for a CCP class taught at the high school?

Students taking courses held on their high school campus will receive their books from their high school.

+ How will Sinclair College communicate with me during the CCP admissions process?

The College will communicate with you throughout the admissions process to let you know your next steps. This will be done through email, at first using the email address you provide on your online CCP Application and then via your my.sinclair email address that you will have after your acceptance into Sinclair College. It is very important that you provide us an email that you will check regularly on the CCP Application.

+ How do I Register for my CCP courses at Sinclair?

Students may register online via their my.sinclair account or in person at any Sinclair campus or learning center. More information about the Steps to Register Online is located here.

+ What are the important CCP deadlines?

Here you can find Important Deadlines for Sinclair College Registration Periods.

+ Can I receive accommodations for my college courses if I receive them in my high school classes?

Possibly, however, colleges are held responsible to different Federal laws than high schools. The Sinclair Accessibility Services department can work with you in determining what accommodations will be available in the college environment. For more information on how to register with the Accessibility Service Department visit there webpage. 

+ How do I participate in CCP at Sinclair?

Students new to Sinclair, without a Sinclair student id, will need to complete the ONLINE CCP Application.
After submitting your online application, you will receive an email with your next steps.

Once the CCP Office at Sinclair, receives the needed information from your high school, your application will be processed, and you will be emailed & mailed your acceptance information.
For more help follow steps outlined in the Prospective Students section of the CCP webpage.

+ How do I receive books for CCP classes taken online or at a Sinclair location?

More information regarding books can be found by viewing the CCP Online Orientation.