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Sociology Career Information

What do you learn and experience in the first year?

In the first and second semester students learn:

  • To think sociologically
  • The scientific nature of sociology
  • Critical thinking
  • The centrality of inequality
  • The social construction of ideas
  • The importance of trying to improve the world
  • The importance of social institutions

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What do you learn and experience the second year?

In the third and fourth semester students continue to develop the sociological perspective. They apply sociological theories and concepts to critically analyze the basic social institutions: family, economics, religion, politics and education. Students analyze the impact of social structures such as race, ethnicity, age, and poverty on individuals and society. Students expand their research skills through acquiring an understanding of population demographics.

What other opportunities and experiences does a major in sociology offer?

Honors: Sinclair Community College has an honors program and the majority of sociology courses are available for honors credit.  Typically, students need to have at minimum a 3. 2 grade point average and they work with their class instructor to develop an honors project for a course. In the past students have conducted original research, presented at professional conferences, participated in service learning projects, and achieved recognition from the honors programs at Sinclair Community College. For more information about the honors program go to

What can you do with an Associate’s Degree in Sociology?

An Associate’s degree in sociology can prepare students to compete for entry level positions in several areas: human services, social services, non-profit organizations, the criminal justice system, government, and business.  Other opportunities include the United States Peace Corp and the AmeriCorps Program.  Based on employer data of entry level positions in the social sciences, the estimated average salary for a student with an associate degree in sociology is in the $25,000 to $27,000 range.

What can you do with a four year degree-in Sociology?

A study conducted in 2012, notes that the average annual starting salary in the United States for students completing a bachelor’s degree in sociology is $33,800. Given the broad range of employment opportunities there is a wide range of starting salaries.

  • Social Services / Counselors
  • Administrative Support
  • Teachers / Librarians
  • Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement
  • Sales, Marketing
  • Social Science Researchers