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Sinclair College

Honors Initiate Program

Honors Initiate Program
Students with a cumulative 2.8 GPA or higher may enroll in Non-Scholars Honors Program. All new students are eligible to enroll in Honors courses. 
  • Courses cannot be a DEV course
  • Must complete course declarations for each class, each semester
  • Declarations are due the second Friday of the semester
  • No minimum or maximum number of classes required
  • No application packet or interview process
  • Must receive an grade of a B or higher to receive honors credit
  • Project must be uploaded to Honors eLearn group in addition to being submitted to instructor

Students can propose to take a course with honors through discussion with their instructor. Instructor approval is and department chair is required.

Once you have discussed this option with you instructor your will need to complete an Honors Course Declaration form.

This must be signed by both you and your instructor and submitted to the Honors Office by the second Friday of the semester.