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College Credit Plus Accessibility Services

Accessibility - College Credit Plus


Accessibility Services is the college office that approves accommodations for any student with a disability taking college level coursework. As a college student you must register with the Accessibility Services office in order to receive any course accommodations.

How to register with Accessibility Services

Submit Disability Documentation

This will most likely be the students' IEP and ETR or 504 plan however other documentation of disability could potentially be accepted. Documentation can be submitted via three methods:

Schedule an intake interview

  • Once a student submits documentation, our office will contact the student to schedule an intake appointment. The intake can be scheduled at any Sinclair location including Dayton, Englewood, Huber Heights , or Mason.
  • The intake is designed to discuss
    • Approved services at the college level
    • Differences between high School and college
    • How accommodation are provided


The student documentation of a disability is held in the Accessibility Services office. Documentation remains confidential and separate from the student's academic record. Faculty and staff outside of Accessibility Services do not have access to students documentation or provided services. After registered with Accessibility Services, students must request approved accommodations.