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Because of COVID-19, the office of Multifaith Campus Ministry on campus is open on a limited basis. Chaplain Larry Lindstrom is also available via email ( or by phone at 937-512-2481 for conversation any time.

Please enjoy a short video devotional. Chaplain Lindstrom will post an episode of “Food for Spiritual Thought” on this page regularly. The first episode focuses on the theme of “Something More.”  

Food for Spiritual Thought:

The office of Multifaith Campus Ministry is a center for spiritual life that encourages interfaith dialogue and spiritual deepening. The Multifaith Campus Chaplain works to provide pastoral care, educational opportunities, and programs related to religious and spiritual life. Students, staff, faculty, and administrators from all religious traditions and spiritual practices, as well as those who have no religious affiliation, are welcome.

Multifaith Campus Ministry is funded by the Multifaith Campus Alliance (MCA) of the Miami Valley, in partnership with Sinclair College. The MCA envisions a future where people of all spiritual backgrounds find a welcoming place at Sinclair to celebrate religious diversity and multifaith dialogue.

The Vision and Mission of
Multifaith Campus Ministry

Multifaith Campus Ministry focuses on the following as key priorities:

  • Encouraging spiritual growth and development for all: students, faculty, and staff.  The office of Multifaith Campus Ministry serves as a “clearinghouse” for information on as many different faith traditions as possible. We recognize that the spiritual journey is unique for each individual, so we work to facilitate each person’s efforts to grow into a more mature spirituality.
  • Pastoral care. The Multifaith Campus Chaplain, like a military chaplain, is available to serve persons of any spiritual perspective. In the midst of life challenges and/or crisis moments, Multifaith Campus Ministry is available to respond with caring concern and help as people move through the changes that life brings.
  • Educational Activities and Resources. Each semester, Multifaith Campus Ministry sponsors a series of programs (usually one per month), to provide more information about a particular faith community or to explore how different faith perspectives approach fundamental life issues. The goal is to raise awareness and improve understanding among people of different faith commitments.
  • Maintain programs that reflect the diversity of the college. Sinclair is a place where many interpersonal differences are evident (racial, cultural, geographic, etc.). And one of Sinclair’s commitments is to encourage respectful conversation across those differences. As part of that effort, Multifaith Campus Ministry works to help people appreciate and respect the spiritual differences that are found between people. We hope to model a positive and constructive way of interacting with people who are different from us.
Multifaith Campus Alliance of the Miami Valley

The office of Multifaith Campus Ministry operates in partnership with the Multifaith Campus Alliance of the Miami Valley. Visit the MCA web page for more multifaith resources, such as a calendar of holy days and interviews with MCA leaders:

Contact IconContact Information

Location: Building 10, Room 443

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Thursday
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
In Person Hours: 
Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Other hours by appointment

Contact the Multifaith Campus Chaplain at 937-512-2481

Upcoming Events

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Schedule an appointment with Larry Lindstrom, Chaplain.


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