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Citizens Re-entering the Workforce

Looking for a fresh start and not sure where to begin? Whether you want to acquire new skills or explore a new career, Sinclair Community College offers college-level courses in fields open to citizens reentering the workforce. Sinclair Community College is a proven leader in correctional education in the state of Ohio and has a comprehensive enrollment process that will connect you with services within your community. Let us help you on your pathway to a better tomorrow. It's never too late to begin pursuing the future you imagined!

Need help finding re-entry services in your area?

Cheryl Taylor

Chief Officer
Advanced Job Training & Returning Citizen Initiative
Phone: 937-512-5176

Jarrett Maier

Returning Citizen Coordinator
Phone: 937-512-2742

Jennifer Feltner

Operations Manager
Phone: 937-512-4663

Varalaxmi Mitzka

Administrative Assistant II
Phone: 937-512-2986