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Sinclair College


Dunlevy buildingThe Sinclair Community College Archives is the official repository for records of historical value, which trace the origins, organization, policies, operations, history, and development of the college. The Archivist is responsible for the development and enforcement of guidelines for acquisition. The Archives & Records Management office is located in the Library, Building 7 Room L32.

The Archives provides:

  1. The physical facilities for housing, preserving, and servicing historic materials.
  2. Reference services and tools so researchers can find and use materials in the collection. This service is subject to any necessary restrictions placed on archival records to preserve materials and protect information.

The accompanying graphic shows the Dunlevy Mansion, located at 32 East Fourth Street, now the site of Dave Hall Plaza Park. It was in this building that David A. Sinclair developed his ideas for educational services to the unemployed of the Dayton community.

Donations of Sinclair-related materials are always very welcome. It is necessary to discuss donations with the Archivist before delivering materials to Sinclair.

The Sinclair Community College Archives collects only materials related to Sinclair Community College. The Archivist cannot guarantee that all materials offered to the Archives will be appropriate for the collection. The Archivist also cannot guarantee that unsolicited materials brought to the Archives will be accepted or kept.

NOTE: To receive a tax deduction, make the donation as a Non-Cash Donation through the Foundation Office.

For more information, please email Shelby Beatty or call 937-512-2319.